Stillpoints Ultra Mini V2


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  • 4 Tier Filter Technology
  • Increase Resolution and Dynamics
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Stillpoints Ultra Mini V2

Upgrade your hi-fi system without upgrading a single component!

Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively isolating them from the environment on which they sit.

They are manufactured from ceramics and the highest grade stainless steel available and as a result will last for many lifetimes and see you through countless system upgrades.

By installing Stillpoints under an electronic component like an amplifier or DAC you are effectively eliminating a direct path between the component and whatever surface it sits on and as a result you mechanically lower the noise floor.

By doing this you increase dynamics, heighten transients, increase the amount of air and space resulting in a much more musical and natural presentation. You will get a benefit from just putting Stillpoints under 1 component in your hi-fi, but when you float the entire system a scary thing happens with the presentation. I can’t recall doing a demonstration of Stillpoints which hasn’t resulted in someone being amazed with the results, several incredibly sceptical customers have almost become unofficial brand ambassadors, waxing lyrical about the benefits of Stillpoints online!

Depending on budget it could be more beneficial to ‘float’ your entire system on the Ultra Mini as opposed to throwing all of your budget to Stillpoint one component only using Ultra SS or Ultra 2. As ever, this depends on the system, your budget and what you like the sound of!

The Ultra Mini is the entry level Stillpoint, although the term entry level shouldn’t suggest it is basic or dumbed down in terms of how effective it is. It’s the smallest model at only 1.25 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter, but it still contains the same technology pockets as the other Stillpoints, there are just less of them in a smaller package.

Place a set of Ultra Mini under a modestly weighted component and it can offer a tremendous upgrade in performance… mechanically lowering the noise floor you get an increase in resolution, bass response will become tighter. In a good system it can often take just a few seconds to hear what they are doing.

Please note: Stillpoints add nothing to the presentation, they simply allow you to hear your system or components perform to the best of its ability. They always perform best on a well balanced system. But depending on how someones system is configured they can upset the balance by showing what your system is really doing.

We sell lots of Ultra Mini here at Audio Therapy and everyone loves what they do!

Should you get 3 or 4? The 3 pack is the much more popular and is absolutely fine for using for most items, if using under something heavier (in excess of 15kg) a 3 pack of Ultra SS are a better option than 4 Ultra Mini generally.

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