Stillpoints Ultra SS V2


  • 4 tier filter offers incredible isolation
  • Works under electronics and loudspeakers
  • Mechanically lowers the noise floor
  • Great upgrade in system performance
  • Home Demo Available


Stillpoints Ultra SS V2

Upgrade your hi-fi system without upgrading a single component!

Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively decoupling them from the environment on which they sit.

They are manufactured from ceramics and the highest grade stainless steel available and as a result will last for many lifetimes and see you through countless system upgrades.

By installing Stillpoints under an electronic component like an amplifer (or a speaker) you are effectively eliminating a direct path between the component and whatever surface it sits on and as a result you mechanically lower the noise floor.

By doing this you increase dynamics, heighten transients, increase the amount of air and space resulting in a much more musical and natural presentation. You will get a benefit from just putting Stillpoints under 1 component in your hi-fi, but when you float the entire system a scary thing happens with the presentation. I can’t recall doing a demonstration of Stillpoints which hasn’t resulted in someone being amazed with the results, several incredibly sceptical customers have almost become unofficial brand ambassadors, waxing lyrical about the benefits of Stillpoints online!

Depending on budget it could be more beneficial to ‘float’ your entire system on a less expensive Stillpoint as opposed to throwing all of your budget to Stillpoint one component only. As ever, this depends on the system, your budget and what you like the sound of!

The Ultra SS is incredibly popular and for good reason! They can genuinely transform the presentation of pretty much any component, electronics or loudspeaker you put them under. The Ultra SS contains 4 technology pockets making it a lot more effective at transferring unwanted energy than the Ultra Mini. It does the same thing from a sonic point of view, it’s just what it does is more pronounced, the sound becomes bigger and has more weight, more articulation and you will get a quieter background as well.

They work really well under most electronics and come into their own under loudspeakers (unless they are exceptionally heavy which is where Ultra 5 become relevant), with the correct threaded adapters the Ultra SS fits where the spike would normally attach, the top hat can be loosened and adjusted against the floor for levelling purposes. There’s a knack for getting the decoupling just right and once correctly fitted and levelled the effect can be very powerful.

Please do not underestimate the ability of the Ultra SS!

Available in a 3 or 4 Pack

If you intend to use Ultra SS under your loudspeakers you will require threaded adapters to connect them to your speakers spike threads. Please let us know which speakers you have and we can advise on which adapters are required, prices of adapters are available upon request, they are generally around £18 each unless an unusual thread.

If you have any questions about Stillpoints please send us an email

Additional information


Height Minimum 1.49" to Maximum 1.68"
Diameter: Minimum 1.27" to Maximum 1.38"

WEIGHT (per unit): 7.84oz

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Pack of 3, Pack of 4

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