T+A A 3000 Power Amplifier


  • T+A A 3000 HV
  • Stereo Power Amplifier
  • 300 watts per channel
  • Can be used in mono
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The T+A A 3000 HV is a stereo power amplifier and is the perfect partner for the PSD 3100 HV or the P 3100 Preamplifier

The A3000 can be switched into mono mode by the flick of a switch on the rear panel, when running in mono mode is delivers double the current and the Class A doubles as well.

Thanks to T+A’s unique HV technology the A3000 is a superb sounding power amplifier, very linear and neutral sounding, it never gets aggressive or hardens up as the volume increases.

The build quality of the A3000 is exceptional just like all of the HV models, but under the lid things are very interesting as it is constructed with a number of shielded compartments to isolate the various sections from one another, these sections are constructed of 10mm thick aluminium. Voltage amplification and current amplification circuitry is housed on separate circuit boards in separate case sections, in order to prevent interference. The sophistication of the design does not stop there, as there is galvanic separation between the two. Thanks to this uncompromising design philosophy there is absolutely no feedback of the loudspeaker currents into the voltage amplifier stages, and complete freedom from loudspeaker loading effects.

Performance can be further enhanced with the addition of the P 3000 HV Power Supply

Stereo Mode Power Output

8 ohms : 300 watts

4 ohms: 500 watts

Mono Mode Power Output

8 ohms : 380 watts

4 ohms: 650 watts

Dimensions (H x W x D): 17 x 46 x 46 cm

Weight: 38 kg
Case Finish: Silver laquer 47 or Titanium laquer 64
Heat sink Finish: Black 42



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