T+A DAC200 DAC / Preamplifier


  • DAC/Preamplifier
  • 200 Series Component
  • USB-B with DSD 1024 Playback
  • 2 x RCA & 2 Toslink sockets


The DAC 200 is a DAC and Preamplifier for the all new 200 Series.

As with all of the 200 series components the DAC 200 is housed in a 3/4 width box and is visually more compact in the flesh than most people expect it to be.

Build quality is superb, solid, stylish and functional the DAC 200 offers superb performance, along with a plethora of features and configuration options to ensure it can perform to the best of its abilities

With DSD 1024 playback (via USB) and complete galvanic separation are just two highlights which underline the potential of the DAC 200. The DAC 200 effortlessly converts a large number of digital formats into highly transparent, natural-sounding analogue signals, and passes them on via the integral headphone or analogue outputs.

The DAC 200 uses a true 1 bit converter which processes DSD files in their native form, without any unnecessary conversions or processes to detract from the performance. The PCM converter uses eight 32 bit burr-brown converters which helps to reduce noise, improve dynamics and linearity, performance can be further fine tuned with the addition of 6 filters (FIR, Bezier and NOS)

In terms of inputs we have the following connectivity

USB-B with DSD 1024 playback and complete galvanic isolation

AES/EBU x 1 and BNC x 1

SPDIF RCA x 2 and Toslink Optical x 2

There is 1 analogue RCA input as well.

There is a set of analogue outputs on both RCA and XLR

One very useful option is the addition of an HDMI board with 2 inputs and 1 output with ARC (audio return channel) compatibility as well.

If your system is in the same room as your TV you can connect 2 video sources to the DAC200 and connect to your TV. If your TV has ARC you can send the audio from the television back to the DAC 200 you can route the sound from onboard apps like Netflix and Disney+ through the system without any effort, the HDMI board is £380.00, my demo unit has the HDMI board fitted and it works perfectly and is very intuitive as well.


Analogue section:

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB: 0,1 Hz – 200 kHz

Signal / noise ratio: 110/114 dB

THD  /  Intermodulation: < 0,001 % / < 0,001 %

Channel separation: > 108 dB

Pre-amplifier outputs:
Variable: High level (RCA) 0…2,5 Veff / 22 Ohms, balanced (XLR) 0…5,0 Veff / 22 Ohms
Fixed: High level (RCA) 2,5 Veff / 22 Ohms, balanced (XLR) 5,0 Veff / 22 Ohms
Discreetly designed Class A-HV-output stage in Double-Mono-Circuitry
Volume control: Gold contact relays controlled in 1 dB steps, – 90 dB to 0 dB
Headphone output: 4.4 mm Pentaconn, discreetly designed high performance output stage, Class A operation up to 200 mA, 6 Ohms output impedance

Digital inputs:

1 x AES-EBU 32…192 kHz / 16-24 Bit
S/P-DIF: 2 x Standard Coax, 2 x optical TOS-Link 32…192 kHz / 16-24 Bit and DoP DSD64 (0x05/0xFA Marker)
1 x BNC 32…192 kHz / 16-24 Bit
2 x USB DAC: Device-Mode 44,1 … 768 kSps (PCM) and up to DSD1024*,
supports asynchronous data transfer. *DSD 512 and DSD 1024 with Windows PC and appropriate driver installed or Linux PC with Kernel 4.4 or higher only.Supports DoP up to DSD 256 (0x05/0xFA Marker).
2 x HDMI IN, 1 x HDMI OUT with ARC (this is a cost option at £380 for the HDMI board)

Additional information


Black, Silver

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