T+A MP 2500 R Multi Source Player / DAC


  • Flagship Source Component from the R Series
  • CD/SACD Playback
  • DAC with 5 inputs including USB B
  • Roon Ready
  • FM/DAB/Internet Radio
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The T+A MP 2500 R is the flagship source component from the R Series, T+A describe it as a Multi Source Player which sums it up brilliantly.

The feature list of the MP2500 R is extensive to say the least but nothing is compromised, quite the opposite……

It plays CD’s and SACD’s and the drive is derived from the range topping HV MP 3100 SACD player.

As in the smaller MP 2000 R MK II, PCM data is converted using T+A’s outstanding double differential quadruple converter with all it‘s sophisticated digital signal processing, PCM sample rates up to and including 32 bit/ 384kHz are supported. DSD data is handled by T+A’s true 1-bit DSD converter from the PDP 3000 HV, which processes the DSD data in native form as a bitstream rather than converting them to PCM.

When using the USB B input with a computer, Melco or similar DSD 512 is supported.

There is also 2 x Optical Digital Inputs, 2 x RCA Digital Inputs, so if you want to connect any other equipment like a TV, Sky Box or Blu-Ray Player.

When connected to a network (either via Ethernet or Wireless) the MP 2500 is a comprehensive streaming client as well and will stream from Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer as well as Internet Radio. It will also play music stored on a NAS drive or a shared folder on a computer, all you require is a UPnP server such as Minimserver running and you are set.

The MP 2500 is also Roon Ready as well, all that is needed is something running Roon Core and you go are good to go.

If that wasn’t enough you also have DAB and FM radio plus Bluetooth as well.

In terms of analogue outputs the MP 2500 has both single ended RCA and balanced XLR connections as well as a digital output

The MP 2500 certainly has all bases covered and it covers them without compromise as well, it’s a wonderful source/DAC and it literally has something from everyone!

Dimensions: 16.5 cm High / 46 cm Wide / 40 cm Deep

Weight: 12 kg

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