Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cable


  • £700.50 Per Metre
  • Flaghsip Black Speaker Cable
  • Brilliant Performance
  • Free UK Shipping


Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cable

This is the flagship speaker cable within the Black range and is priced at £700.50 per metre. The Black Diamond replaced what was originally Graphite in the Tellurium hierarchy.  If you are looking for huge scale with massive dynamics and phenomenal transients the Black Diamond could well be the only speaker cable you’ll ever need! The old Graphite was superb but in some systems it could sound a little heavy and dark, the guys at TQ have really gone to town on the Black Diamond and it’s a massive step forward, it still sits just on the warmer side of neutral, but it possesses mass of resolution, scale and weight.

The price per metre includes standard 4mm locking banana plugs. If you require spades (either one end or both) please specify your requirements at the order stage, the price doesn’t change for spades.

We have demonstration lengths available so home loans are no problem at all and part exchange is welcome as well.

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2.0 Metre Pair, 3.0 Metre Pair, 4.0 Metre Pair, 5.0 Metre Pair

Free UK Shipping


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