Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable


  • £54.00 Per Metre
  • Award Winning Speaker Cable
  • Most Lengths Available From Stock
  • Incredible Value For Money
  • Supplied Pre-Terminated
  • Free UK Shipping


The Black II is the entry level speaker cable from the Black range and is the most popular Tellurium speaker cable and for good reason. It has brilliant detail retrieval and resolution, but is never harsh or aggressive in nature. You get fantastic bass weight and instruments possess real texture.

Because the Black II is so well balanced it works really well on a wide variety of systems/brands. It works wonderfully well on Naim amplifiers for instance, less aggressive and glassy than Naim’s own NACA5 cable in my opinion, the Black II is a brilliant upgrade! I’ve also got customers using Black II with Cyrus, Rega, Devialet, Musical Fidelity and more.

It gives you a really even tonal balance and it doesn’t harden up or get rough as the volume goes up, which you can find on a lot of speaker cables.

The Black II is £54.00 per metre, this price includes termination as well. The Black II is not available off the drum, it is ordered in pre-packaged terminated lengths. Standard terminations are hollow point 4mm Z plugs, although spades can be requested at no extra cost at point of order.

Most lengths are available from stock for immediate shipping, if you require longer than a 5m pair please get in touch.

All stock cables are terminated with 4mm Z plugs, if you require spades this is not a problem but it would be a special order.

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1.5 Metre Pair, 2.0 Metre Pair, 2.5 Metre Pair, 3.0 Metre Pair, 3.5m Metre Pair, 4.0 Metre Pair, 5.0 Metre Pair

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