Tellurium Q Black Interconnect Cable


  • More transparent than Blue
  • Available in RCA or XLR
  • 1.0 Metre Length
  • Free UK Shipping


The standard Black interconnect is the entry level cable in the Black Range most popular interconnect in the whole Tellurium range and for good reason. This interconnect works really well on good sensible hifi components (works brilliantly between and Rega Brio-R and Apollo-R for example).

The grip are on the RCA plugs are adjustable so you can be guaranteed to get a really good connection. Their low impedance design means that ringing and distortion are pretty much eliminated resulting in a coherent, clean and less distorted sound.

Tonally, it’s incredibly detailed and fast, with excellent dynamics and timing, but never sounding aggressive or forced.

The Black is available with XLR termination as well.

Please note: These cables are directional and the arrows on the cable must follow the flow of the music.

Additional information

Termination Type


Cable Length

1 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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