Tellurium Q Blue II Digital Interconnect


  • Entry Level Digital Interconnect
  • Available in RCA or XLR Termination
  • 1.0 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


Tellurium Q Blue II Digital Interconnect

The Blue Digital Cable is available in both RCA and XLR termination.

The latest version of this cable utilises Tellurium’s Waveform II technology to ensure the digital information being transmitted ends up being received with no change or shift in the tone or character of the music, the cable police will no doubt be reading this stating it doesn’t matter, it’s digital, the cable either works or it doesn’t. All I will say is if someone’s system is revealing and transparent the differences between digital cables can be quite apparent, it’s all about finding the right cable for your system.

Following on the traditional Blue theme, the digital cable is ideally installed in a system which sounds lean and forward in presentation. The Blue Digital will rein in this aggressiveness by removing the hard leading edge without removing the detail.

If you require BNC adapters to go with the RCA version please specify these at the point of order.

If you require longer than 1 metre each additional 0.50 metre costs £26.00 for RCA or £28 for XLR


Additional information

Termination Type


Cable Length

1.0 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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