Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Interconnect Cable


  • Incredible Scale & Dynamics
  • Available in RCA and XLR
  • 1.0 Metre Length
  • Free UK Shipping


The Silver Diamond is Tellurium’s flagship interconnect cable without stepping up to Statement. The interconnects were designed after the launch of the brilliant Silver Diamond speaker cable and they were put into production to complement the speaker cable, by having a complete signal passing through a system with same cable is brilliant for system synergy, it really lets the music flow effortlessly.

Fast, detailed, incredibly musical, they simply just sound ‘real’, if you’ve a good system and you are yearning for more you’ll get a real shock when you try some Silver Diamond.

We have demonstration lengths available so no issue to try some in the comfort of your own home.

Check out some reviews below:

Hi-Fi+ Magazine – Silver Diamond Cables

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Additional information

Termination Type


Cable Length

1.0 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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