Tellurium Q Silver II Speaker Cable


  • £106.00 Per Metre
  • Open, Transparent & Musical
  • Home Demo Lengths Available
  • Free UK Shipping


The Silver II is priced at £106.00 per metre, this price includes termination as well. As with the Black II, the Silver II cables are not available off the drum, it is ordered in pre-packaged terminated lengths. Standard terminations are 4mm Z plugs, although spades can be requested at no extra cost at point of order.

So, how does this compare to the Black II?

The Black II is probably best described neutral, if not a little on the darker side of neutral,  the Silver II leans more toward being more absolute neutral but with greater emphasis on detail and dynamic range, as well as being more open the bass response is better, more extended and with improved texture. Everything is in its place perfectly, but you can break down every element of the music with the Silver II, subtle levels of micro detail and expression jump out that you’ve never heard before. In a good system the Silver II should comfortably prove itself over and the above the Black II.

The Silver II is the most popular Tellurium Q speaker cable here at Audio Therapy, it’s overtaken the Black II and it always goes down very when demonstrated. Sometimes Black II does come out on top, it all depends on the system and the customers tastes, but in a well balanced system the Silver II gives a better result generally.

Check out this blog post I wrote about the Silver II

Home demonstration lengths are available, along with the matching links if required. Please get in touch for more information

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2.0 Metre Pair, 2.5 Metre Pair, 3.0 Metre Pair, 4.0 Metre Pair, 5.0 Metre Pair

Free UK Shipping


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