Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Interconnect Cable


  • Great Upgrade Over Original Ultra Black
  • Available in RCA & XLR
  • Available from stock
  • Free UK P&P


Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Interconnect Cable

The Ultra Black II Interconnect is a great step up over the original outgoing Ultra Black.

Compared to the original the Ultra Black II is incredibly refined, smoother with brilliant timing and is more natural with a much bigger soundstage (both in terms of width and front to back depth). Don’t mistake the smoothness for a lack of detail or transparency, all of the information is there, but there is nothing artificial or fatiguing about the presentation.

This new cable has pulled further away from the standard Black Interconnect as well, they share the same sort of tonal characteristics but with the Ultra Black II the music is reproduced on a grander scale with more weight and a bigger, deeper sound stage. It basically gives you a lot more of the same thing – which is good!

A tremendous cable and on a good system it is comfortably worth the extra money over and above a ‘standard’ Black interconnect cable. One of the first cables where instruments start to sound real and accurate!

Works brilliantly well on its own with other cables and is particularly effective in an all TQ cable loom as well.

Please note: The RCA cables are directional and the arrows on the cable must follow the flow of the music.

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Cable Length

1.0 Metre

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