Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Jumpers


  • Replace the brass links in your bi-wire speakers
  • 30 cm long
  • Free UK Shipping


Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Jumpers

If your speakers are bi-wirable and you are buying some Ultra Black II, these jumpers should be a compulsory purchase to be brutally honest. The brass links in your speakers are holding back what the speaker is capable of doing!

If you’ve a reasonably transparent system, you’ll be shocked at what these do to the music! We have sold quite a lot of Ultra Black II speaker cable as it’s a good performance/cost point in the range and typcically most people dismiss the jumpers as not important, but whenever someone tries them the feedback is always the same ‘I wish I had done it ages ago’

Terminated 4mm Z plug to spade

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30 cm

Free UK Shipping


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