Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cable


  • £348.50 Per Metre
  • Big upgrade over Black and Black II
  • Part Exchange Welcome
  • Home Loan Available
  • Free UK Shipping


Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cable

The Ultra Black II Speaker Cable is huge leap ahead of the original Black and the new current Black II and also the outgoing Ultra Black. As I’ve always said when you get to this sort of level don’t listen unless you are ready to buy it as the impact and improvement it will make to your system will in most cases make you not want to go back!

Comparing this to the original Ultra Black it’s actually quite astonishing what they have done given the relatively small jump in cost. It sounds much more refined than the Ultra Black, with increased levels of detail and clarity and it paints a bigger soundstage as well.

The price of £348.50 per metre includes termination. Standard terminations are hollow point 4mm Z plugs. If you require spades (either one end or both) please specify your requirements at the order stage.

We have demonstration lengths of this cable available so if would like to see how it works in your system please get in touch.




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1.5 Metre Pair, 2.0 Metre Pair, 3.0 Metre Pair, 4.0 Metre Pair, 5.0 Metre Pair

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