Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Speaker Cable


  • £32.50 Per Metre
  • Better Performance than standard Blue
  • Price includes termination
  • Free UK Shipping


The Ultra Blue II is the first cable up in the Tellurium range from the entry level Blue and is priced at £32.50 per mono metre, the cable is unterminated off the drum. To be terminated with TQ plugs and heatshrink adds £12.00 to the price.

This takes the performance of the standard Blue cable and improves on it in every way. It’s richer, warmer, more detailed and more musical and as with all Blue cables works really well in a system that is a little lean or forward in its overall presentation. It works really well in a good 2 channel system, but this cable is especially good in a decent AV system. I hear lots of surround systems and when you get to a complicated action scene you are often reaching to turn the volume down, not so with the Ultra Blue, it takes that hard, glassy edge away which actually let you hear more of what it going on. It’s more natural and cohesive.

This cable sits above Blue but below the Black speaker cable in the range of cables and bridges the gap really well.

Hi-Fi Pig commented “The Ultra Blues just seem to do something special without even trying. …It offers a huge bang for the buck, so rightly deserves the high praise”

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2.0 Metre Pair, 3.0 Metre Pair, 4.0 Metre Pair, 5.0 Metre Pair

Free UK Shipping


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