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Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Power Cable


  • Huge Levels of Realism
  • Standard Length 1.5 Metre
  • Free UK Shipping


Priced at £1680 this Ultra Silver power cable is a pretty serious proposition. It’s twice the price of the Black and tonally it sounds just like it as well, except it offers more focus, more detail and more insight into what is going on. There are greater levels of bass definition giving the music more drive and more impact.

It works really well on any component in a system, but speaking personally I always find the biggest benefit comes when you use a power cable like this on amplification. I’m not saying they don’t work on source components, far from it, but it my experience you’ll get brilliant results from using it on an amplifier straight into the wall socket.

The standard length of this cable is 1.5 metres, if a longer length is required it is £260.00 per half metre.

Hi-Fi World Magazine – Ultra Silver Power Cable

Mono & Stereo – Ultra Silver Power Cable

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1.5 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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