Vitus Audio RI-101 mk2 Integrated Amplifier


  • Brand New mk2 Reference Series Amp
  • Released Spring 2020
  • Streamer DAC Module Option
  • 300 Watts Per Channel
  • Part Exchange Available


So what has changed with the RI-101 mk2?

Visually, the RI-101 mk2 is identical to the outgoing mk1, there is nothing to tell them apart, it still has the additional cooling the original RI-101 gained over the RI-100 and connectivity is identical (3 pair of XLR inputs, 2 pairs of RCA inputs, XLR pre-outs and speaker outputs.

What about under the lid?

When the SIA-030 launched in the Summer of 2019 everyone who heard it simply fell in love with it. Performance was off the charts, it is really is like no other integrated amplifier that I have ever experienced. It’s presentation is so musical and natural with incredible engagement and spine-tingling engagement and it’s so quiet as well – that is one of the factors which gets mentioned the most, it manages to pull so much information out of the music, it really is quite something when you experience music you know really well on an amplifier like this.

In the time since the SIA-030 was launched it got Hans-Ole Vitus thinking and he essentially started experimenting with certain aspects of the SIA-030, scaled back and trickled down to work in their Reference range of products.

The subsequent experiment resulted in such a good sounding amplifier Vitus simply had to act on it and the RI-101 mk2 was born.

Once my demo unit had been wired up and left playing for 3 or 4 hours to warm up I sat down to have a listen to my usual go-to demo tracks from the likes of Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen, Crowded House, Jon Hopkins, Matthew Halsall and GoGo Penguin to name a few. The jump in performance is not subtle, in fact it’s rather substantial – make no mistake it sounds like an RI-101 in terms of its tone, naturalness, transparency and texture, but it simply gives you more of everything. From a noise point of view it probably has more in common with an SIA-030 than an RI-101 if I’m honest – it is so quiet and comparing this to a mk1 side by side it is pretty obvious, the low noise floor certainly allows you to hear more.

The launch of the original RI-101 closed the gap on the SIA-025 and with this new model it has closed it that little bit further. It doesn’t sound as creamy, seductive and intimate as the Class A SIA-025 does and is in presentation terms is a more neutral sounding amplifier, but make no mistake the entry level into the Vitus range is pure Vitus through and through!

The RI-101 mk2 runs marginally warmer than a mk1, however it won’t require any additional ventilation or space around it , it’s certainly not Class A warm!

Although the power output is still rated at 300 watts you can definitely drive this new amplifier harder than the original RI-101 and as the volume increases the presentation never hardens up, so many amplifiers get a bit strident and cold as you push them, but this just maintains that wonderful sense of naturalness.

Internally a lot has changed with this new version of the RI-101 and it isn’t a marginal upgrade, it’s much more significant than going from an RI-100 to an RI-101 for example.

Nothing stands still in this day and age and evolution is a good thing. Vitus wanted to extract more performance from their entry level amplifier and get it a little bit closer to their iconic SIA-025 and the incredible SIA-030.

Plug-in Streaming DAC Module

Vitus produce an optional Streaming DAC Module, this offers an Ethernet socket with streaming from Tidal or Qobuz, Internet Radio. It will also stream music stored locally or an Melco over a network  via UPnP – this board is £3000.00. It works perfectly as a Roon Endpoint as well although I need to say it is not Roon certified just yet.

What’s in the box?

Not much in reality, but there doesn’t need to be! Once you have wrestled the box into position and opened it you will be presented with a power cable, the remote control (a simple zero fuss Apple remote which simply just works!), the manual on a USB stick and of course a rather heavy amplifier presented in a wonderful velvet protective bag.

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The all new Vitus RI-101 mk2 is fabulous, but of course the cynics out there will be saying to themselves I would say that. Those who know me, will know how honest and upfront I am. Just like the original 101 the mk2 truly offers performance way past its price point and it moves that little bit closer to an SIA-025. If you are looking for a one box amplifier that offers serious performance and gives you access to that ‘high end sound’ so many people crave, please get in touch and organise a demonstration.

Part exchange is welcome.

The Vitus RI-101 mk2 is priced at £13,600.00,  the streaming DAC module is £3000.00

We currently have available a used RI-101 mk2, fitted with the USB-DAC module, this started life as an RI-100 as was upgraded to the new specification as soon as Vitus announced the new version was available.

Additional information


3 x XLR, 2 x RCA


1 x XLR

Home Cinema Bypass

Yes (Any 1 Input can be configured)

DAC Modules Available

Yes Streamer DAC Option Only


H x W x D = 182mm x 435mm x 435mm



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