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Vitus Audio SCD-025 Mk2 CD Player


  • World Class CD Player
  • Revelatory Performance
  • USB B Input
  • Battleship Build Quality
  • Part Exchange Available


The ultimate digital product with the ultimate analogue sound!

When Vitus released the SCD-025 Mk2 they didn’t just take a mk1 model and perform a few tweaks here and there as is often the case with new versions of pre-existing models. They completely redesigned virtually the whole thing to ensure its performance could compete with and outperform the best of the best.

The remit with Mk2 was simply to make it as musical as possible. I’m pleased to report Vitus has massively delivered on this front, the SCD-025 Mk2 is one of the most musical, intimate and enjoyable source components I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to and after the RI100/RI-101 the SCD-025 Mk2 is the most popular product sold in the Audio Therapy range!

With the Mk2 all of the audio boards and power supply were redesigned. The digital audio section has been taken to the extreme. To minimise jitter Vitus decided to use sample rate conversion with a dedicated DSP based module, this module is programmable and upgradeable so as newer standards develop this machine can be easily updated to stay at the forefront of digital technology.

By achieving a sample rate of 384KHz (instead of the more common 192KHz) the amount of bandwidth availabe increases, so a custom masterclock module was developed to fully support the sample rate conversion modules – this was an expensive way to do things, but when you hear it play music you’ll realise instantly why they did it this way!

The analogue output stage uses Vitus’s highly regarded topology taken directly from their amplifiers. It is a discrete coupling, which uses zero feedback with ultra linear transistors and high precession resistors. The resulting open loop bandwidth lies at 2.5MHz and gives a very linear phase response, which is one of the key elements for correct musical harmony
The power supply has been split into 4 different and completely separate supplies. One each for the drive and digital audio part and two for the analogue stage (left and right).
Build quality is formidable weighing in at a back breaking 26 kg!
The external digital inputs on offer are 1 x XLR (AES/EBU), 1 x Coaxial and 1 x USB type B, this USB socket supports up to DSD 128 and 32 bit, 384KHz.
The best one box CD player in the world?
Read any reviews on the SCD-025 (even Mk1) and the above statement is a common theme, I’ve certainly not heard one box sound more musical, engaging and as enjoyable as this to listen to. I’d even prefer it to some 2 and 3 box designs that are out there in the marketplace.
It is endlessly detailed, hugely transparent, but it never sounds strident, aggressive or ‘digital’ in character, it’s tonally smooth and neutral, but don’t confuse the word smooth with being laid back. All of the detail and dynamics are front and centre but they never force themselves upon you. They creep up and once they get under your skin, there really is no going back.
Recordings that you know intimately well will shock you with new levels of detail and expression. The SCD-025 can easily fill your room with music, allowing you to get closer to it than ever before. Remember that pile of CD’s everyone has that they can’t listen to because they don’t sound so good, play them on an SCD and rediscover what they’re really about!
Don’t forget the SCD isn’t just a CD player, there are 3 digital inputs on offer as well. One of the my SCD clients rarely spins a disc if truth be told. His 40th Anniversary Melco Digital Player connected with an Entreq USB cable is his primary source and as my client so often points out, if he wanted just a DAC to perform to this level he’d struggle to find one which is so musical and engaging!
The SCD025 Mk2 is priced at £19,000 and is a genuinely groundbreaking and outstanding piece of hi-fi and one which will stay will you long after the price tag has been forgotten!
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Additional information


XLR x 1 Pair, RCA x 1 Pair

Digital Inputs

USB B x 1, Coaxial (SPDIF) x 1, XLR (AES/EBU) x 1




W x H x D = 435mm x 130mm x 430mm

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