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Vitus Audio SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier


  • Part Exchange Welcome
  • 30 watts Class A/200 watts Class AB
  • Optional DAC/Streamer & Phono Stage
  • Custom 2.2 kVA transformer
  • 63kg


The Vitus SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier had its grand unveiling at the Munich High End Show 2019, it has been a while coming, it actually was delayed by almost a year so Hans Ole Vitus could hone and fine-tune the amplifier in order to extract the finest possible performance from it – it was certainly worth the wait!

The SIA-030 delivers 30 watts per channel in Class A mode, switch over to Class AB mode and the power output steps up to 200 watts a side.

The SIA uses a huge 2.2kVA mains transformer, designed specifically for the SIA-030. The transformer has been suspended in the huge chassis to minimise unwanted vibration/noise. The volume control comes is based around the Masterpiece MP-L201 Linestage (£46500) and steps up in 0.5dB steps for the ultimate control

There are 2 optional plug-in modules available for the SIA-030. The first board is DAC/Streamer module, this board is based around the RD-101 DAC and is priced at £5200, this board is available now.

The second board is a high performance phono stage which should hopefully be ready by the end of 2020. It is not a case of choosing one or the other, both boards can be fitted together and the board simply slides in from the back and locks into place. You do not need to go into the case to install them.

With the streaming board you could literally connect an Ethernet cable, run Roon and connect a pair of speakers and literally have a true one box system. The SIA-030 still has 3 x pairs of XLR fully balanced inputs and 2 x pairs of RCA single ended inputs. There is 1 x pair of RCA Pre-outs. Please check out my blog post on the DAC module.

I spent a fair bit of time listening to the SIA-030 in the Vitus room at Munich and the sound was simply incredible. Tonally it is like an SIA-025 but with so much more of everything the 025 does so well. The level of resolution and the distinct lack of noise was a real eye opener.

The performance was so liquid, effortlessly natural and a huge open window letting you see right into the music, with huge levels of scale and weight. Sound-staging this precise and palpable is something many people will never have experienced before.

The SIA-030 is no doubt going to redefine what the industry thought was possible from an integrated amplifier and even multiple boxes of amplification at any price point.

Please check out our detailed blog post on the SIA-030

Vitus PDF Guide on the design/construction/specification on the SIA-030

Additional information

Integrated Amplifier



435 Wide x 268 High x 530 Deep mm


55 Kg

Power Output

30 Watt Class A, 200 Watt Class AB

Standard Inputs

2 x RCA pair, 3 x XLR pair (fully balanced), USB & RJ45 for firmware upgrades


RCA x 1 Pair

DAC Option

1 x Ethernet, 1 x USB B, 1 x AES, 1 x SDPIF Coax, 1 x Optical

Phono Option

2 x RCA pair

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