//VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier (Ex-Demo)

VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier (Ex-Demo)

£13,125.00 £7,500.00

  • Stunning Power Amplifier!
  • Ex-demo Model with New Valves Fitted
  • Ideal Partnered with TL6.5 Preamp
  • 4 x 6550 Tubes per Channel
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We have for sale our demonstration VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier.

Finished in black and supplied in its original packaging with a 24 month warranty. This has been fitted with a full compliment of new Golden Lion KT88 output valves. Physical condition is excellent, no marks, bumps or scrapes.

This amplifier was manufactured in 2013.

The S-200 is the entry level power amplifier in VTL’s Signature range of products, although don’t let the term ‘entry level’ fool you, this is anything but entry level.

The S-200 has all of the typical VTL sonic attributes but it also has huge amounts of raw power and control, giving vice like grip on just about any speaker available.

VTL wanted to deliver the performance and features of the MB-185 and MB-450 mono-blocks but in a single space saving chassis and with the S-200 they have suceeded!

The 200 watts per channel amplifier is packed with technology VTL has spent years developing.  Like its Signature stable mates, the amplifier incorporates VTL’s SmartTube technology with automatic bias adjustment and fault sensing, making this amplifier especially welcome to music lovers who value ease of use. With the S-200, there’s no need to guess when or if a tube may need to be replaced.

To keep the output tube operating point constant and stabilize the critical power supplies, even under AC and main power supply fluctuations, the S-200 deploys adjustable precision-regulated bias and screen supplies, yielding tonal stability and sonic integrity especially during complex, dynamic signal conditions.

The S-200 also features a user adjustable Damping Factor feedback control that allows the user to adjust the amplifier’s output impedance by varying the amount of negative feedback. Impedance can now be precisely set to suit the listener’s taste, and to improve control of the loudspeaker loads to deliver best performance.

This is a truly world class power amplifier and will drive any speaker with absolute ease.

A new S200 is £13125.00 but this has been priced to sell at £7500.


Additional information

Power Output

Tetrode: 200W, Triode: 100W

Valves Used

8 x 6550 or KT-88, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 12BH7


47.6 Kg


W x D x H 470 x 457 x 230 mm

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