Welcome to the Audio Therapy Online Shop, thanks for stopping by. All of our products are represented in our online shop but not all of them are available as ‘add to cart’ items. As I have mentioned on my homepage, I’m a firm believer in home demonstrations so which is why larger items are not click to buy. You can’t buy a pair of loudspeakers without hearing them in your system/room!

What you can buy from our online shop is a large selection of system essentials such as Tellurium Q, Stillpoints, Musicworks, Entreq and the brilliant range of digital Music Libraries from Melco Audio.

If you need any help or you have any questions about an item you are looking at please do not hesitate to get in touch either via phone or email. I offer a personal service and am quite happy to chat about your system and what could be the best direction for you to take it in.

The shop has been divided up into easy to follow sections, where you can browse via brand, or via product type so if you are looking for a interconnect for example all brands of interconnects are under that one page. Popular Products and New Arrivals are exactly that and get updated fairly regularly.

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