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Shunyata Research are an American company based just outside of Seattle who design and manufacture a comprehensive range of world class power distributors and power cables along with some incredible signal cables as well.

Backed by multiple patents Shunyata Research products are not only found in brilliant home audio systems across the globe, but also within the world’s most critical recording, mastering, film and surgical systems. Shunyata products offer superior performance, brilliant value and craftsmanship and over the past 2 decades have established Shunyata Research as one of the most respected and lauded brands in the world.

Shunyata Research is the brainchild of former US military scientist Caelin Gabriel, whose background was in the research and design of ultra-sensitive data acquisition systems. These systems were designed to detect extremely low-level signals otherwise obscured by random noise, requiring years of intensive research into the sources and effects of signal and power-line noise interference.  It was in his time stationed in Germany that Caelin discovered a love of and aptitude for HiFi and throwing parties around potluck-style systems for locals and soldiers alike would plant a seed for what would become his life’s work.

Gabriel holds more than 10 patents, with numerous additional patents-pending. These technical innovations have earned Shunyata Research product designs countless critical awards and endorsements from renowned recording studios, mastering engineers, heart surgeons and hospitals from all over the world.

Behind Shunyata Research product’s many awards, professional and medical applications lies an infrastructure of scientific research and intellectual property that exist nowhere else in its category. The vast array of patented technologies and material science within Shunyata products define and explain their superior performance.

This willingness to test, measure, and iterate against the grain has led to breakthrough technologies that defy expectation and set new standards for audio and visual reproduction.


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Shunyata Research power distributors are by design the most finely calibrated, noise isolated products of their type. They achieve this by turning their back on traditional approaches to “power conditioning”  in preference of passive, patent protected designs that unlock the free flow of instantaneous current, while reducing power line and component generated noise to an unprecedented degree. Shunyata accomplish this through their discrete CCI (Component To Component) filtering system and layered approach to passive noise reduction.

Over its 20 year history, Shunyata Research has developed its own custom filters, buss systems, conductors, sockets, noise isolation chambers and breakers to maximise performance in its range of power distributors. The profound noise reduction capability within their power distributors offers a dramatic improvement to musical performance and the benefits are not subtle, lowering the noise floor is a common theme within my range of products and this is something where Shunyata Research truly excels.

Shunyata Research Everest and Denali @ Audio Therapy

I keep the complete range of power conditioners on demonstration, there are currently 6 models in the range which are divided into 3 series, Venom, Performance and Reference. 

The Venom Series is Shunyata’s entry level range and is comprised of the Venom UK6, priced at £2000 the UK6 offers 6 outputs across a single zone and when fed with a suitable XC C19 power cable (like a Gamma or Theta) it delivers excellent performance, I’ve customers using UK6 in all manner of systems and it never fails to impress. The Venom V6 is the other option within the Venom range, this model is designed to be installed in a rack as opposed to being on the floor it still has 6 sockets, across a single zone like the UK6, but offers greater noise reduction, it also has a chassis ground terminal for integrating with an Altaira, the Venom V6 is £2500.

The Performance Series is Shunyata’s middle ground as it were and features 2 models, the Delta D6 and the Alpha A10 – both are designed to sit within an equipment rack. The Delta D6 is £3500, it has 6 sockets, but here they are split into 3 zones (2 sockets per zone) so you can separate your connections to maximise performance, connect a pre-power to 1 zone, a DAC to the 2nd zone and a Streamer and Switch to the 3rd zone for example, it offer greater noise reduction compared to the Venom UK6 and is an obvious step up in performance as a result.

The A10 is £5900 and offers 10 sockets so ideal for those with larger systems, I’ve supplied several of these where I’ve ended up using almost all of the sockets so very useful in the right context. The 10 sockets are split across 6 zones so it is very flexible, there are 4 zones with 2 sockets per zone and 2 sockets that are zoned individually. Both Delta D6 and Alpha A10 have a dedicated ground terminal for using with the Altaira Grounding Hub.

The Reference Series is Shunyata’s flagship range of Power Conditioners and there are 2 models in the range, the new Typhon T2 and the flagship model, the Everest. 

Each of these models have much greater noise reduction over the Venom and Performance models. The Everest has 7 sockets, with 6 zones of isolation. The Everest uses Shunyata’s patented QR/BB module which stores and delivers instantaneous current to the connect components without the use of coils, capacitors or transformers. The QR/BB module in the Everest is 3 times larger than the one in the outgoing Denali. The Everest is £10,750 so they are typically only used in larger, more serious systems.  

The Reference Series models also contain another patented technology – the ‘NIC’ which stands for Noise Isolation Chamber, which is a unique technology which reduces high frequency power line noise through the use of non-reactive ferroelectric substance which absorbs high frequency noise.

Typhon T2 is the newest model in the range and is very interesting, it has 2 UK sockets on the back (2 zones) and a proprietary umbilical connection, it also has the same QR/BB module as used in the Everest. It was conceived as an add on to an existing conditioner to increase performance and also to add additional sockets, but it can also be used as a high performance conditioner in its own right, in performance terms it’s like an Everest but with less sockets. 

Shunyata Typhon T2 @ Audio Therapy

Using a Typhon to bolster performance and add extra connections to an existing conditioner has proven very popular this year. For example, if you add a Typhon T2 to a Delta 6 you end up with 8 sockets across 2 boxes, 5 zones and performance that will beat a Denali. The Typhon can be used with any of the Shunyata conditioners to improve their performance.

But as outlined above, the Typhon T2 can also used a standalone power conditioner and for me this is where it really shines – there are 2 UK sockets on the back which are enough for many high performance systems these days, the 3rd umbilical output (designed to connected to the C19 input on another conditioner) can also be used with a special cable to you can power a 3rd product.

The Typhon T2 is £5500 and is best thought of as 3 socket Everest, it even outperforms a Denali and since its launch earlier this year the Typhon T2 has been a very popular product.

Everest and Typhon T2 all offer incredible performance and great value for money, they unlock so much performance from whatever you plug into them it is like a serious component level upgrade. As with the Performance Series all 3 Reference models have a dedicated chassis ground terminal so can used with the Altaira Grounding Hub to further enhance system performance. 

None of the Shunyata Power Conditioners come with an XC power cable to connect to the wall, see below for the XC models, in terms of which cable is best it really depends on the model of conditioner and the system, this cable is the most important power cable in the whole system so I would always recommend to get the best cable you can afford. 

If you want to use the Typhon T2 with another conditioner you will require an umbilical cable to connect them together, there are 2 options, £750 for a 0.5m length in standard form or £1250 for the reference version, pictured below is a Delta D6 and Typhon T2 connected via an umbilical cable. Longer options are available. 

Shunyata Typhon T2 @ Audio Therapy

Shunyata Research Power Conditioners


Shunyata have written extensively on their technology and patents, if you would like to learn more please explore some of the links below

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Shunyata Research has revolutionized the aftermarket power cable. With a science-based approach to peak-current transfer and noise reduction, Shunyata power cables have found broad applications: from the system used to remaster Dark Side of the Moon at Astoria Studios to systems used in performing delicate heart surgery at hospitals around the USA. Even the Shunyata’s entry level power cable delivers easy to hear improvements when put to use in an audio system, whether used on amplification or source components the benefit they offer is instant and obvious.

Shunyata Research Alpha v2 NR @ Audio Therapy

Shunyata Research’s history in power cord design is well documented. Steeped in science and measurement, every part and material within Shunyata Research power cables is custom designed and manufactured to measurably reduce noise (CCI link) and improve the efficiency of dynamic current flow to electronics (DTCD link). The results of more than two decades of R&D experience is an extensive range of high-value power cables that measurably reduce noise and improve access to instantaneous current.

Shunyata has invested extensive time and resources in creating its own range of connectors, conductors and the discrete filter systems implemented within its range of  “Noise Reduction” power cables. The NR range reduces noise by around 12dB, making them popular for studio use as well the home systems. This CCI filter reduces noise being transferred from component to component in your system, when someone expresses an interest in a Shunyata NR power cable they always take people by surprise and a telling sign is people keeping coming back for more. 

Applications of Shunyata power cables include noise-sensitive heart-surgery systems and delicate mastering systems, such as the one used by James Guthrie to re-master Dark Side Of The Moon for the 5.1 mix on SACD. When it comes to performance-oriented power cables, Shunyata Research is in a category and proven class of design all by itself.

NR Power Cables

The NR range of power cables has been incredibly popular and at each price point they offer superb performance, there are 5 cables in the range – Gamma (£650), Theta (£1100), Alpha (£2500), Sigma (£3500) and Omega (QR-S £7500 or QR £9000)

XC Power Cables

If you require a power cable to use on a Shunyata Power Conditioner (or another brand of power conditioner) you will require one of their XC cables which are designed specifically to optimise the performance of Shunyata Research power conditioners.  XC cables eschew noise reduction features in favour of enhanced DTCD (dynamic transient current delivery) which is essential to maximise the performance of power conditioners. All Shunyata power conditioners require a cable with a C19 IEC. 


Analogue Interconnect Cables

Shunyata’s range of analogue interconnects have hugely benefitted from years of research, testing, listening and countless customisation and refinement to get each cable in the range to perform at superb level relative to other things. Shunyata are arguably more well known for their power cables and power conditioners than they are for their interconnects, but they really are something very special and offer excellent value for money. 

Shunyata Research Venom-X @ Audio Therapy

All Shunyata interconnects undergo their propriety KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) which enhances performance and hugely reduces cable burn in. 

The cable range starts with Venom and progresses to the new Venom X, then Delta, Alpha and Sigma

I have the new Venom X on demonstration now, with the other cables to follow in due course, as ever home demonstration and part exchange is welcome.

Loudspeaker Cables

As with their interconnect cables Shunyata’s range loudspeaker cable are steeped in years of research and development, many hours of critical listening and countless refinements and fine tuning to get their performance right where Shunyata want to them be. Tonally they are incredible neutral and open sounding. 

The Venom X is the newest model in their range of speaker cables and we keep this cable on permanent demonstration, it’s priced at £1995 for a 2.0m pair terminated with either 4mm banana plugs or spades, every additional half metre is £150.

Shunyata Research Venom X Speaker Cable @ Audio Therapy

Digital Cables

No category of cables better expresses the profound difference Shunyata Research technology makes than its superb range of Digital cables, swiftly adopted as reference by some of the world’s most established component manufacturers and recording studios. The range of the digital cables is actually proving to be Shunyata’s most popular range in terms of numbers sold, even surpassing their power cables, which is arguably what they are best known for. 

The common threads shared by all models in Shunyata’s digital cable arsenal are their ability to eliminate time smear and related signal distortions that would otherwise degrade the performance of digital playback. It’s all about purity, accuracy and being musical! 

At all price points the range of Shunyata Ethernet and USB cables offer genuinely exquisite performance and go well beyond their price points and can truly unlock the best very performance from your system. 

Shunyata Reseach Alpha Ethernet @ Audio Therapy


Shunyata Ethernet Cables


Shunyata USB Cables


Shunyata Research Altaira @ Audio Therapy

After previewing it at the Munich High End Show in 2022 Shunyata have recently launched their dedicated grounding system, called the Altaira. To design the Altaira Shunyata called upon their 25 years experience of electrical system design from both domestic and medical applications and they have created a system which can further enhance the performance of your system, the Altaira won a product of the year award for 2022 from The Absolute Sound. 

Designed to control ground plane noise the Altaira uses patented technology to reduce noise, distortion, buzzing, ground loops and by successfully lowering the noise floor they can improve performance, increasing dynamics, system articulation and levels of detail and textures in the music.

There are 2 versions of the Altaira available, a Chassis Ground Hub and Segmented Ground model, each with specific filtering to attack the noise that rides on the chassis and signal grounds of the components in your system. It is recommended to start with a Chassis Ground Hub and for many users this will be all they require. For larger systems, or where you want to extract the very best performance you can introduce a Segment Ground Hub (you can put your analogue components on the Chassis Hub and the Digital Components on the Segmented Hub for example)

There is a range of dedicated Shunyata grounding cables available with a huge choice of termination options. 

Shunyata Research Altaira @ Audio Therapy

Cable Isolators


Shunyata Research Dark Field Suspension System @ Audio Therapy

Shunyata also manufacture a cable elevator or isolator which is an incredible useful device for supporting loudspeaker cables, interconnect cables and power cables when laid on the floor, they can also be effective at supporting cables in an equipment stand as well. 

These isolators are called the ‘Dark Field Suspension System’ which sounds like it has come out of a science fiction film or from an over exuberant marketing department! But to be fair they serve a serious sonic purpose and if you have a good system I would be very surprised if you don’t hear what they do. 

Shunyata’s original cable elevator was called the ‘Dark Field Elevator’, which had a US patent on it, this new version builds on the performance of that model with a few subtle changes. Essentially all floors vibrate to some degree and that unwanted vibrational energy can get in the way of letting your cables performing to the best of their ability. 

The polymer band that sits across the top of the DF-SS has the ability to dissipate vibrational energy, preventing it from being coupled between the floor and the cable, this band can also dissipate static energy (very common on carpeted floors) 

The second improvement comes from the granular compound that fills the base of the elevator. This compound dissipates vibrational energy that would otherwise couple to the cable, that may cause a subtle form of signal distortion. 

The DF-SS’s effectiveness has been demonstrated with accelerometer tests that clearly show its ability to reduce floor borne vibration which is common to all listening environments.By preventing these floor borne vibrations attacking your cables you end up with subtle improvements in clarity and focus in your system.