T+A R1000 E Multi-Source Receiver @ Audio Therapy

T+A are a German manufacturer based in small town in North Western Germany called Herford and if you are wondering the acronym stands for Theory + Application.

They are large company as well, relatively unknown in the UK, but are absolutely huge in their home market. But new UK distribution and a small number of select, experienced and proactive dealers is hoping to change that. Their product range is extensive to say the least, with something for everyone from a compact all in one streaming receiver to back breaking amplification.

T+A are scientists at heart, get the science right and the music works. They are renowned within the industry for sparing no expense in R&D and engineering to achieve the perfect sound. You only need to see one of the of larger boxes in the flesh (and attempt to pick it up!) to realise how serious they are about what they do.

The results of this approach speak for themselves in their products: extremely long product cycles,  extended lifespans and a wide range of retro-fit options make a T+A system a sound investment for the future.  All T+A equipment is manufactured in Germany all critical components are designed and produced in house.

Check out of some their superb reviews, they really do speak for themselves.

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