“David’s knowledge of how to get the best from a system is uncanny”

I’m a firm believer that any business is built and established on relationships. Someone once said to me “treat people how you’d expect to treated yourself and you’ll go far”. That sort of hit the nail on the head for me. I’m not all about selling boxes and moving whatever is flavour of the month. Instead I like to think I’m taking my customers on a musical journey of discovery and learning. Take a fairly conventional (and good!) hi-fi system and utterly transform its performance whilst retaining the core components of the system to squeeze every possible drop of performance out of it and, of course, when those hardware component upgrades are carried out the solid foundations that have already been laid ensure that any new purchase will absolutely sing from day one.

People seem to like the way I operate, they come back for more. I have a couple of clients I regularly see socially and I’m even the godfather of one of their children.

A few of my valued customers have very kindly put to pen to paper (or more like fingers to keyboards these days!), here’s a selection of some of their comments –

David’s knowledge of how to get the best from a system is uncanny. But the main difference with David compared to other hi-fi retailers is he’s not just interested in selling you a new component. He’ll give you good solid no nonsense advice on the best way to improve your system. It may be that like most systems, it’s working well below its capabilities and a new cd player / amp or whatever isn’t the best way forward at that moment in time. My system and my enjoyment of music has improved beyond all recognition with the addition of Entreq grounding and Stillpoints thanks to his superb knowledge. Mr W. Hexham

David has helped immensely to improve my listening experience at home, in both a hi-fi and cinema system. His knowledge of my system and hi-fi in general and his ability to call in additional human resource as required has proved immensely useful in moving sound quality dramatically forward. This has been achieved through changing components / improving the matching and performance of components and their ability to work together to achieve much improved detail, realism and musicality. On a technical level, he has the ability to understand and decipher complex programming issues, with his previous working experience at dCS no doubt helping. He is well respected in the hi-fi community and is able to provide realistic solutions to customer needs. Mr R, Cumbria

In the short time I have known David I have consistently valued his knowledge, advice and practical skills in purchasing and refining my hi-fi system. He has introduced me to high-end manufacturers and a listening experience that I would have never come across, even if had I read all the popular hi-fi magazines. In a confusing world of different formats, systems and networked communications, his up-to-date knowledge and down-to-earth guidance cuts though the confusion of someone who bought his first hi-fi in 1975. Ultimately for both David and me it is the music that counts and I have found his wide range of musical tastes compliments mine perfectly and makes our listening sessions great fun and always revealing. I feel that David’s way of working reflects a modern approach to retailing that I like; a highly personalised service with no pressure to buy. He is very good at both demonstrating and laying out the options for improvement within the budget available as well as those tantalising examples of what is available beyond the current budget. On top of all that David is professional, reliable and flexible. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone interested in enjoying the music they love and exploring the possibilities of the latest developments in reproduction to bring this experience to life. Mr H. Jesmond

I have known David for getting on for 15 years and he has always given sound advice, he recommends items that he feels will make my system sound better and he’s always proved right. My system at the moment sounds the best it ever has and this is mainly thanks to David. He is very knowlegdeable and prompt and it’s always a pleasure to do business. Mr F. Tynemouth

Over the time I have known David he has looked after me, allowing me to try things in the comfort of my own home and to learn what would work best for me. His knowledge of systems, what will work with what and their interaction with a room is second to none. Recently,we have worked to completely revamp the system, adding Entreq and Stillpoints throughout as well as excellent product from Vitus and dCS. David’s patience and willingness to try things, then try again, and again has been very refreshing. I hope in many ways, we have learnt from each other what works and what doesn’t.

Having someone I would call a friend in the business,has made this hobby of being an Audiophile truly fun and rewarding. I have no hesitation in recommending Audio Therapy for anyone who is tired of the run of the mill HiFi dealers – more interested in box shifting than music.

Get yourself a dose of Audio Therapy – it’s just what the doctor ordered! Mr B. County Durham