12th December 2023 · News

Winter Special Offers

Running until the 31st of January we have a small selection of special offers running on Entreq and Stillpoints – a perfect opportunity to make an upgrade to your system!

Macro Grounding Kit – Save 25% Standard Price is £400, Special Price £300

Macro Twin Grounding Kit – Save 25% Standard Price is £800, Special Offer Price £600

Peak 4 Ground Post – Save 25% Standard Price is £320, Special Offer Price £240

Stillpoints Ultra Mini V2 4 Pack Standard Price is £599, Special Offer Price £500

Stillpoints Ultra Mini V2 3 Pack Standard Price is £499, Special Offer Price £424

The Macro Kit can be used in a variety of places in a system, for those who stream music connecting to a router has been incredibly popular and consistently gets great results and takes many people by surprise. Connecting to a spare connection on a integrated amplifier, DAC or music streamer (like a Melco) also gets very good results. You get a ground cable included in the kit and a choice of connector (RCA, XLR male or female, USB-A, USB-B, RJ45, Spade)

The Macro Twin Kit is exactly that, 2 kits in one box, the twin kit is for connecting to the negative outputs of your integrated amplifier or power amplifier and as with the router this has been a particularly effective upgrade.

The Peak 4 is a post that can be used to upgrade any Entreq Ground Box (the only boxes you can’t used a Peak 4 with a Micro Kit or Primer Box). You simply replace the wooden nut on your ground box with a Peak 4 and the combination of the 5 metals in the Peak connecting to the ground box enhances it performance. It often raises an eyebrow, but they really work. Add a Peak 4 to a Silver Minimus and it takes the performance to an original Olympus Ten. For those familiar with the other posts the Peak 4 is a combination of the best elements of the K2 and Everest.

Where Entreq lowers the noise floor in the electrical domain, Stillpoints lowers noise in the mechanical domain – 3 or 4 Stillpoints under an amplifier or source component is a very effective upgrade. They don’t add anything or take anything away they simply let you hear your system perform more honestly. Unwanted mechanical energy is transferred (from an amplifiers transformer for example) to the Stillpoints and converted to heat – they improve resolution, clarity, air/space, texture and bass response.

If you are intending to use Ultra Mini on something which is 7kg or under a 3 pack is more than sufficient, over 7kg a 4 pack would be more suitable.

Please note: All offers expire on January 31st 2024 or when stock is exhausted.

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