Classic Line

Bassocontinuo Classic Line

The Classic Line is Bassocontinuo’s entry level range of products, it may be entry level relative to their other ranges, but compared to many other manufacturers of racks the Classic Line is far from entry level.

This range is now in its 2nd generation and it offers over 50% greater stability than the previous range, this stability comes from the improvements that Bassocontinuo have made with the way spike and washer interact with one another.

Each Classic Line product is modular, so adding an extra shelf as your system grows is no problem, or simply changing leg height to accommodate a larger amplifier.

You have the choice or black or white for the rack itself, with either black, white or stainless steel legs, there is also a walnut and wenge finish, all of the shelves are 25mm thick.

All Bassocontinuo products have a 5 year guarantee covering all manufacturing defects




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