I represent a small number of brands and products, dealing only with companies that excel in their own particular field. All products have been carefully selected via extensive listening. It is absolutely critical that all of the brands and products I deal with dovetail perfectly for system building purposes.

I’m not into ‘5 star reviews’ and the latest ‘flavour of the month product’ or keeping every brand in existence. As a result of this I know the products and brands I do carry inside out. I know how they will work and integrate with all of the other products I stock, plus lots of other I don’t. I’ve been in the hi-fi industry for almost 20 years and have a great deal of experience dealing with the vast majority of specialist hi-fi brands and system building has always been a big part of what I do.

Please don’t assume I only have experience dealing with the brands I sell, here is a list highlighting just a few of the brands I have experience with – dCS, Linn, Naim Audio, Krell, Audio Research, Cyrus Audio, Rega Research, Bowers & Wilkins, Arcam, PMC, Bryston, Musical Fidelity, Monitor Audio, Proac, REL, Roksan and I’m sure there is more!

All of the products I represent major on delivering music in a natural, focussed way with lots of texture, space and dynamics without ever being fatiguing or aggressive in character

‘Listen and you’ll see’ to quote a particular speaker brands’ tagline from a few years back!

If you would like to have a demonstration of something from a brand I represent, but I may not have available from stock, just ask. Most things are available with a little bit of notice! It’s good to talk!