20th May 2019 · Melco Audio

Melco N1ZH/2 Customer Feedback

I’ve recently had a customer purchase a Melco N1ZH/2 Digital Music Library. This was the customers first experience of using a Melco product in his system, he had previously been using a server from another well known brand but wanted to improve the performance of his system.

The Melco N1ZH/2 is the middle model in the ‘Classic’ range of Melco products and is priced at £4750. It has 6TB of onboard storage and never fails to impress. This N1ZH has consistently been the most popular Melco we have sold in the time we have been an Audio Therapy dealer. We’ve had quite a few customers upgrade from Melco’s own entry level N1A and in a half decent system it’s a pretty significant step forward in sound quality.

Once this customer has had his Melco in his system for a couple of weeks and he had got used to the changes it brought to his system he very kindly sent me an email with some feedback highlighting what it was doing for him:

The sound quality improvement has really surprised me.
It sounds awesome and for me ultimately that is what it is all about. 
Hard to describe but what I had before sounded like a very low noise computer whereas the Melco has a rightness to its sound. The Melco produces music which is the highest compliment that I can pay it.

Audible differences:
The bass response of the Melco is so much better. Bass is fuller, more taut and more dynamic.
I must admit I didn’t see that coming.
Soundstage feels real and natural.
It’s brought my system to another level.
Voices have more presence and sound more real.
More detail, refined, smooth and effortless sound.  

If you are using a hard drive based solution to play ripped or streamed music into a USB DAC or Network Player a Melco Digital Music Library will always deliver class leading performance, they are incredibly easy to operate and offer great flexibility and as always with Melco no computer is required to either set up or get the very best out of it!

As a Melco Master Dealer Audio Therapy is one of the UK’s leading Melco dealers with first class knowledge, experience and service on all things Melco, please get in touch if you want to upgrade to the best product money can buy in the world of storage based streamers/servers!

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Part exchange is welcome as well, if you would like to trade in your current streamer/server, be it Auralic, Aurender, Innous or Blue Sound to help fund the upgrade to a Melco Digital Music Library please get in touch.

Melco N1ZH 2 @ Audio Therapy

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