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Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB Cable


  • Massive Dynamic Range
  • Get the best out of your USB audio!
  • 1.0 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


The Silver Diamond is the flagship USB cable from Tellurium Q and is priced at £966.00 for a 1 metre length.

The easiest way to describe what this cable does sonically is ‘frequency extremes’, top end detail is nothing short of phenomenal and bass response is prodigious. Play a piece of music you know really well on a system you are familiar with and you’ll find out for yourself.

Completely free of fatigue  and any coarseness, its presentation is almost holographic and the level of realism is superb. It is hugely engaging and will really let you rediscover your digital music collection again.

” A quite brilliant USB cable that keeps harmful noise out of the picture, giving your DAC a better chance of providing top quality music ”

Paul Rigby

“I was immediately struck by how much the Tellurium Q [Silver Diamond] seemed to lower the noise floor. Notes emerged from a much quieter background – the Clocks at the Pink Floyd’s “Time” were startlingly striking. If you want to hear the full musical range of your digital files then it is a must.”

Hi Fi World

Additional information


1.0 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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