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Vitus Audio RL-102 Linestage


  • World Class Phono Stage
  • Effortless Performance
  • Cartridge Loading Set Off Front Panel or Optional Remote


The RP-102 is the latest phonostage from the Reference Series and replaces the outgoing RP-101, this latest versions borrows heavily from the technology from the SP-103 (the Signature Series Phonostage).  The External power supply is from the the predecessor to the Signature SP-103, which delivers a massive upgrade in performance over and above the outgoing RP-101.

Cartridge loading is set directly from the front of the phonostage and it offers direct switchable impedances from 10 ohms to 47Kohm without having to access the rear plate or to open the phono stage for making the changes. This is good, the number of phonostages where you have to take the lid off or remove it from your rack to make changes to the rear panel is silly! Not very user friendly at all in design and in terms of living with it on a daily basis! Not so here!

It offers both RCA and XLR inputs and outputs for optimal compatibility with any system configuration.

Priced at £11800 this RP-102 is a serious phonostage. As I mentioned on the VTL phonostage page, I have lost count of the number of people with serious (world class in some cases!) turntables, who are barely tickling them in performance terms as they are either using an internal phono stage or an external one which simply isn’t good enough for the task at hand!

Investing in a proper phonostage will enable you truly reap the musical rewards a good vinyl replay system offers. The RP-102 sounds enormous and it offers a inky black background few phonostages can replicate. It has the house Vitus sound, smooth and refined whilst offering incredible dynamics and is endlessly detailed, yet never strident or aggressive. The level of micro detail and the subtle nuances it can pull out of the record is simply incredible.

Give the RP-102 a trial in your own system and prepare to hear your records like never before!

Additional information


1 x XLR Pair, 1 x RCA Pair


1 x XLR Pair, 1 x RCA Pair


Phono Stage H x W x D = 100mm x 435mm x 377mm, Power Supply H x W x D = 71mm x 176mm x 280mm


Phonostage = 10Kg, Power Supply = 4Kg

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