15th May 2019 · News

Vitus SIA-030 demo model incoming!

We previewed the Vitus Audio SIA-030 in a blog post a week or so before we travelled to Munich for the High End Show, thankfully, the SIA-030 managed to completely blow our expectations right out of the water!

Performance was incredible with stunning levels of resolution and detail, whilst remaining totally ‘Vitus’ in terms of the tone and seductive nature of the presentation.

The price of the SIA-030 in the UK is going to be £31000 and as outlandish as this sounds it offers very good value for money. No integrated amplifier has ever sounded like this before and it will trouble some pretty serious pre-powers at much higher price points than the SIA-030.

Vitus SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier @ Audio Therapy

Along with the world class performance we also have some great flexibility with the prospect of a plug-in DAC/Streamer module and a Phono-stage module. It is hoped these boards will cost around £4500 each, they will simply plug in via the rear panel of the amplifier so nice and easy. The DAC board will offer, USB (type B for Melco’s, Computers etc) AES/EBU, Coaxial and Optical – but it also has an Ethernet port, just like the RD-101. Give it a network connection and you can stream Tidal, Qobuz – just add a pair of loudspeakers for a serious one box system!

There is no doubt that the SIA-030 is going to be an outstanding product and will redefine the concept of a high end integrated amplifier. We have ordered an SIA-030 for demonstration, it may be a couple of months from arriving, but I have already have 2 demonstrations lined up for it – I think it is going to be rather popular, we may see a few RI-100, RI-101 and SIA-025 coming in part exchange!

The SIA-030 and the Vimberg Mino loudspeakers should make a pretty formidable combination!

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