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Avalon Acoustics PM1.2 Loudspeakers now on demonstration

Over the past few months Avalon have been incredibly busy getting their new range of Precision Monitors ready for launch and after some time our PM1.2 are now here. At first glance they don’t really look any different to the outgoing PM1, but dig a little deeper and you will see Avalon have actually done quite a bit of work to enhance performance with these new models.

PM1.2 has a new compliment of drive units and a heavily revised crossover network as a result, they are also utilising their new SIC cabinet material/process (Silent Inert Cabinet) and it is quite a bit lighter than the original PM1.

First impressions with the PM1.2 is that sounds just like an Avalon (always a good thing), but Neil Patel has sprinkled even more magic over this new model, it has been improved quite dramatically over the PM1. Bass response is bigger, deeper and it is integrated wonderfully with the rest of speaker. It is very generous given the relatively compact cabinet size (94cm tall), textures and articulation across the low frequency spectrum are superb.

Avalon PM1.2 Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy

It’s not just about weight though, the PM1.2 are incredibly dynamic, fast and open, it feels like the bandwidth has been broadened and speaker is more transparent as result. PM stands for Precision Monitor and precise is a good word to describe what they do, the presentation is very linear and neutral with no artificial pushing or pulling of the sound this way or that.

All of the other sonic traits that Avalon are so well known for are in abundance too. Very few loudspeakers can create such a vast 3D soundstage in your room, which is as deep as it is wide, once some time is spent on dialling them into the space Avalon always have had an uncanny ability of just disappearing from sonic view, the image they can create is almost palpable.

They are beautifully balanced – nothing is thrust upon you in an aggressive or artificial manner they just get on with playing music and as with previous Avalon models they are very alluring and seductive to listen to.

As ever rest of the system is critical and the addition of the right cabling and isolation pays dividends to extract the very best performance from them. Stillpoints Ultra SS or Ultra 5 should be a compulsory addition, whenever everything else in the system is balanced correctly the addition of Stillpoints is always a positive one.

As for loudspeaker cables Entreq Argo and Triton are superb choices and complement the speaker brilliantly, Entreq and Stillpoints put huge focus into lowering noise levels and the Avalons really thrive in this type environment. But of course depending on how you like your music there are other options that offer really good but different flavours. Shunyata and Tellurium Q also work incredibly well.

The PM1.2 are incredibly easy to drive with sensitivity rated at a generous 93dB, as ever quality over quantity is critical – PM1.2 with a Vitus Integrated (be it SIA-030, 025 or 101 mk2) is a brilliant combination and very well trodden ground, but the T+A PA 3100 HV is also a superb combination with them.

The PM1.2 are priced at £21,750 and I would urge anyone looking at a serious end game speaker to come and listen to them, I’ve had Avalon dismissed before for being too small compared to other things, do not let your eyes deceive you or let your eyes do the listening!

Avalon PM1.2 Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy Avalon PM1.2 Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy

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