27th September 2022 · Epos

Back to the Future with the brand new EPOS ES14N

Epos first launched in 1983 and were a very highly regarded speaker brand, they were always well reviewed, well priced and had a bit of cult following and they were always a brand I favoured over many of the more well known alternatives .  In 2020 Karl Heinz Fink (the owner of Fink Team and a consultant to many well known manufacturers) bought the Epos brand from Creek Audio.

One of the very popular Epos models was the ES14 so it’s very fitting that the first new Epos speaker to be launched has been named the ES14N.

Karl Heinz Fink and his team have left no stone unturned in designing this new loudspeaker, other than the name it is an all new design, absolutely nothing has been carried forward from what went before. The new ES14N is a relatively large 2 way stand mount speaker, weighing in at a healthy 16kg (the cabinet is 491mm high x 250mm wide x 385 mm deep), it has almost the same internal volume as the original ES14 although the cabinet is a completely different shape. The front baffle is angled backwards to time align the drive units. They have an 18cm bass driver and an 35mm aluminium tweeter. The cabinet is a double layered mdf design, with the 2 layers sandwiched together with special kind of glue that helps to dampen the cabinet. It is incredibly well braced to reduce unwanted cabinet radiation . Being a reflex design the ES14N is a ported design with a single port at the rear.

Epos have produced a dedicated pair of stands for the ES14N, based around a large wooden section, made from 4 layers of wooden, glued together using the same material used within the speaker cabinet. Each stand weighs in at around 17kg.

We have a pair of ES14N on order for demonstration which are due in a little over a month and I’ve already got several demonstrations booked in and can’t wait to get them in front of some customers! The final price has yet to be confirmed but is hoped that the speakers will be £3800 a pair and the stands will around £400 a pair.

Epos ES14N @ Audio Therapy Epos ES14N @ Audio Therapy

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