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More like system essentials if truth be told!

Entreq manufacture a vast array of products, some of which like the K2 and Everest can only be used on existing Entreq equipment to further enhance the performance. However, products like the Vibbeaters and the Cable Wraps can be used as standalone products. If you wanted to get started with Entreq but at a relatively modest level these products are a genuinely great starting point!

Please read on!

Everest & K2 Ground Box Posts

The Everest and K2 are designed to be added to their ground boxes to further enhance their performance.

The standard binding posts of the back of any of the Ground Boxes are simply wooden posts that hold the cable tightly in place, they offer no sonic purpose. The K2 and Everest replace these standard wooden posts but offer a substantial sonic upgrade as they contain a mineral mixture similar to that used in the Olympus Tellus (just on a smaller scale).

The K2 uses 2 different minerals and the Everest uses 4 different minerals.

Replace a standard wooden binding post with a K2 or Everest and sit back and listen! As with anything related to grounding the results are usually not instantaneous but they certainly don’t take long before people realise what they are doing to the sound.

What’s the difference between the Everest and the K2?

Transparency largely. The Everest is more open than a K2, on a good system you can tell them apart. Some systems may find an Everest pushes it over the edge in terms of dynamics, this largely depends on what the system is, how it is configured and what Entreq is being used. But K2’s certainly have their place in the right system!

The Everest are £240.00 per plug and the K2 are £170.00 per plug

Replace the standard wooden post on a basic Minimus and the performance will exceed a Silver Minimus. Likewise, put an Everest on a Silver Minimus and you’ll get a sizeable jump in performance. Do the same on a Silver Tellus and you are approaching Poseidon territory. Swap a post out on a Poseidon and well I’m sure you get the picture.

How Many Do I Need?

There is no magical answer to this question, it really depends on your system, how your system reacts to the addition of the new posts and of course your budget. A common theme you will find across my site is to listen yourself and you’ll find out!

Some systems have a mixture of both K2 and Everest in the right system they can work really well together!

One of my clients recently said “in the context of my system 3 Everest plugs for £720.00 (used on a Poseidon) represents incredible value for money, there is nothing I could do to my system for that sort of money that could deliver this level of improvement”.



These quirky looking little mice are a bit of an eyebrow raiser, but they work really well.

You put them on top of a piece of electronic equipment (or a pair of speakers) and they pull away unwanted energy, absorb vibrations and stray magnetic fields. The Vibbeaters contain within them a mixture of copper, sand and very small quantities of precious metals. In context of energy too much of it is a bad thing and by removing this we allow a system to breath more easily. This is especially true with speakers, as the cabinet/front baffle of a speaker can be particularly bad at managing excess energy. The unwanted energy is converted into low level heat, after all you can’t get rid of it unwanted energy, you only convert it to something else

Put a pair of these on top of a pair of speakers and simply listen to some music you know well and it won’t take to hear bass lines are tighter, the sound had more control with improved textures and pacing. They sound a bit unusual, but I’ve never done a demonstration which hasn’t been effective.

The Vibbeaters start at £170.00 per pair and are really effective, especially on speaker. The first 5 Vibbeaters (as pictured above all use the same mineral mix), the largest Vibbeater the Apollo XX uses a completely different mineral mix and they weigh 7.5Kg each and have been designed to sit on larger speakers/components.

AC & Signal Wraps

Entreq Infinity AC Wraps @ Audio Therapy

Bear with me on this one! These devices are called AC wraps; any cable that transports an alternating current has a magnetic field to deal with, this effect is worst where cables are plugged in at the IEC end, simply wrap one of these around power cables and fix in place using the velcro fasteners and away you go. You can do this with any brand of power cable, the wrap basically sucks up any stray currents that escape from the IEC connector.

Putting a few of these across the standard power cables on your system is really effective and inexpensive. Easy to dismiss as something a bit weird, but I’ve never had someone try a wrap and not like the effect! The Silver versions requires a ground box/cable but the Mini wraps work on their own.

AC wraps start at £140.00, a silver version is available for £240.00. The Mini-wrap (for signal cables only) starts at £40.00 (for a pair) and a Silver version is £80.00