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No category of cables better expresses the profound difference Shunyata Research technology makes than its superb range of Digital cables, swiftly adopted as reference by some of the world’s most established component manufacturers and recording studios. The range of the digital cables is actually proving to be Shunyata’s most popular range in terms of numbers sold, even surpassing their power cables, which is arguably what they are best known for.

The common threads shared by all models in Shunyata’s digital cable arsenal are their ability to eliminate time smear and related signal distortions that would otherwise degrade the performance of digital playback. It’s all about purity, accuracy and being musical!

At all price points the range of Shunyata Ethernet and USB cables offer genuinely exquisite performance and go well beyond their price points and can truly unlock the best very performance from your system.

Where it is an ethernet cable to connect your streamer to your router or a USB cable to connect your Melco to your DAC there are options that cover most bases and also at most budgets. AES/EBU and SPDIF cables are also available, as well as Clock Cables.

I keep all USB and Ethernet cables on demonstration, so if someone wants to try one in their system please let me know.

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