14th May 2017 · Entreq

Entreq Atlantis Ground Cables – Now on Demo!

I have very recently taken delivery of the first batch of Atlantis Ground Cables for demonstration. I didn’t want to change all of them in my demo system in one go, I’d much rather do it one at a time over an extended period so I can really hear what they are doing in the system.

My demo system is very revealing so even subtle changes are easily audible. Starting with the Exogal Comet DAC, I removed the Apollo RCA Ground Cable that had been on there and fitted the Atlantis in its place.

Whenever making comparisons there are 4 or 5 pieces of music I go to first, tracks I know exceptionally well and ones which I really love as well!

First off is the first 2 tracks off “Ten New Songs” by Leonard Cohen, straight away there an improvement to the immediacy of what I was hearing, much greater front to back depth and Cohen’s cigarette ravaged, deep, raspy voice sounded more engaging than ever before! Once the Atlantis has been connected up for the 3-4 hours the benefits just seem to solidify as well, as they always do with Entreq!

The other track I used for this was the opening track to the brilliant “The Animal Years” by Josh Ritter, well worth exploring if you are into the whole Americana singer songwriter genre, highly recommended. Again, his vocal on this track all of sounded bigger than ever before.

A good start! More to follow once I have fitted the other Atlantis cables into the appropriate places!

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