21st February 2023 · News

Epos ES14N Loudspeakers are now on demonstration!

They’ve been a little while in coming, but our demonstration Epos ES14N have finally arrived and I’m delighted to say they were more than worth the wait . I first saw (and heard) the ES14N back in Munich last year and I was immediately drawn to them, I always had a bit of soft spot for Epos back in the day and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I heard them.

Fast forward 8 months and they are here at last, I managed to get a few days with a demo pair back in October to show a couple of interested customers, who both ordered a pair on the spot based on what they heard so it was good to be able deliver some new speakers as well get my own permanent demo pair.

In the week since they arrived they’ve been the only speaker I’ve used in the demo room and so far everyone who has seen/heard them seems to have been rather impressed by what they are capable of delivering sonically.

In terms of size the ES14N are quite substantial, they weigh in at 16kg, their dedicated stands are quite short so they visually they are nice and balanced and not top heavy. They are relatively easy to get set up in a room as well, they appreciate a little space behind them and it doesn’t take too long listening to realise that you are listening to a very special speaker for the money. They offer superb insight and clarity without ever sounding too lively or artificial, the bass weight is substantial, not surprising given the 7 inch mid/bass driver and the size of the cabinet.

Epos ES14N Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy

I’ve used the ES14N so far with the T+A PA 1100 E, the Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe and also the Vitus RI-101 mk2 and with each amplifier they sound effortless and really draw you into the music, the combination of the Vitus and the ES14N is quite something – I realise the amplifier is lot more money than the speakers, but the ES14N more than hold their own and I can envisage this partnership going out of the door together when people experience it, it’s a big compliment to how good the speakers actually are.

When I get a bit more time I’ll also be firing up the ES14N with the T+A Series 200, the Alluxity Int One mk2 plus the new Gold Note DS-10 EVO, power supply and a couple of PA-10 power amps.

The Epos ES14N are priced at £3750 on their or £4400 with their dedicated stands, they are available in walnut, semi matte black and semi matte white

A further blog post will be coming, I will go into more detail on how they perform, the cabinet and a bit more behind Epos Loudspeakers as they are today – I just wanted this to serve as a bit of introduction to Epos and to announce they are here, demonstrations welcome!

The demo room is certainly starting to get some footfall which is great to see, it’s here for people to use and enjoy. In a few months time the room will be emptied so I can finally turn it into the room I want (new window, new electrics, plastering, decoration, carpet, lighting), but for now it’s business as usual!

Please get in touch for more information

Epos ES14N Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy

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