28th January 2020 · Entreq

Learn more about Entreq Interconnects!

I’ve recently updated the main page on Entreq Interconnects as some of the information on this page was a little out of date and I thought it worthwhile to give it a refresh. It basically serves as an introduction to the world of Entreq and their interconnect cables, it covers analogue, RJ45, USB and conventional digital cables as well. It goes into a little detail on how they work and why they do what they do.

Entreq have made changes to some of their Infinity cables over the past few months so now a large number of cables in the range come complete with hard wired ground cables and a small ground box, so everything you require to get up and running comes in one box. It offers great value for money and is nice and simple as to many the vast Entreq range can be a bit daunting!

Since this page was originally written the Primer Pro cables have really taken off as well, with RJ45, USB, analogue RCA & XLR they have all bases covered for most people. Over the past 6 months I can’t think of anyone who has heard some Primer Pro in their system and not bought some, it is becoming really popular and that will only continue as the brand continues to grow, gain more fans/followers and there are some reviews coming soon as well!

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