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Melco launch new flagship Music Library – say hello to the N1!

Melco have released a new flagship Music Library – say hello to the all new N1!

As you can see from the images the Melco N1 is a complete new design in a full size case, weighing in at around 15kg it rather substantial and very solid. The fit and finish is superb as well with the 4 solid corner cheeks, an all new stainless steel chassis with a brushed steel top plate with no exposed screws or fixings.

Beauty is in the eye of beholder obviously, but to my eyes this is a huge jump above everything Melco have released previously gone, the customers who have seen it so far have all been very positive over the way it looks.

Melco N1 @ Audio Therapy Melco N1 @ Audio Therapy

The N1 has 5 USB ports (4 on the rear, 1 on the front), 2 ethernet ports (LAN and Player), plus an SFP port for a fibre connection to an S100 or S10 (or to an ADOT Media Converter), there is also a external clock connection.

With an all new mainboard, new power supply and their bespoke 3.84 TB SSD storage drive the performance of this model really shines. Stone cold from the very first tracked I streamed (just from Qobuz not from the SSD) it sounded noticeably superior to the N10/2 (and also the N1ZS I had here for a temporary comparison).

Playing the same music off the SSD drive as opposed to streaming is even better again, streaming has certainly come of age as a serious, viable source, but file storage is still superior sounding.

I’ve done 2 demonstrations of the N1 so far and taken 2 orders, both customers were rather taken aback by the performance of this new model and how clean and transparent it sounds, nothing is added, nothing is taken away. It’s a significant sonic uplift over everything that Melco have released previously and whatever DAC or streamer you have feeding it with the N1 will allow you to hear it at its best.

So far I’ve used the N1 with the Metronome Le Player 4, the Vitus Signature SD-025, both via USB. I’ve also used the N1 with a Vitus RI-101 mk2 using the DAC/Streamer board on the Vitus connecting via the Player port on the N1. I’ve even used it with a Gold Note DS-10 EVO which is probably not a real world combination, but you’ll never hear a DS-10 sound as good!!

Melco N1 @ Audio Therapy

Listening sessions have been extended and very enjoyable and everyone who has been in the demo room over the past couple of weeks has been very impressed.  I’ve a home demonstration booked in next week for a customer with an N1ZS, a Vitus SD-025 and a VTL pre/power which should be interesting!

The Melco N1 is available in black and silver and is priced at £12,000.

A more in depth blog post will follow in due course once I’ve spent more time with the N1 and experienced with a variety of different equipment, if you require any more info please get in touch and as always part exchange is welcome

Melco N1 @ Audio Therapy Melco N1 @ Audio Therapy

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