12th November 2020 · Gold Note

More Gold Note on demonstration!


Earlier this week we received some more Gold Note demonstration stock, I have added the PSU-10 EVO Power Supply (£899) to go with the DS-10 Streaming DAC  (£2370) and have also added a second PA-10 stereo power amplifier (£1300 each) as well, which now means we can bridge them into mono to get even more performance.

With these small components you can make a complete system with just 2 boxes, a DS-10 and a single PA-10, but you have plenty of great upgrade options.

The PSU-10 EVO  power supply is a great upgrade to the DS-10 and it genuinely transports performance to a completely new level, it really does deliver a dramatic improvement to to the way the music is delivered by the DS-10. Featuring 4 transformers and regulated choke filters means the EVO-10 simply eliminates unwanted electrical interference ensuring it delivers a reliable and clean supply of power to the DS-10.

Gold Note PSU-10 EVO Rear @ Audio Therapy

Equally adding a second PA-10 power amplifier into the mix also pays dividends. A single PA-10 is superb, it delivers 75 watts into 8 ohms (and 150 watts into 4 ohms), but when using 2 of them in mono the power output rises to 300 watts (8 ohms) and 600 watts (4 ohms). A single PA-10 is more than capable of driving most sensible loudspeakers and the results so far have been very impressive. They are transparent, musical and to my ears they sit just on the warmer side of neutral and they are certainly a captivating and engaging listen. The PA-10 has a useful trick up its sleeve in the form of adjustable damping. In simple terms this is changing the output impedance of the amplifier to potentially better suit your loudspeakers. It is set to high mode by default (suitable for larger more demanding speakers), but if you have a small, compact pair of stand-mounts changing the DF to low maybe better. Experimentation is the key, you can adjust the damping factor on the fly via a button on the rear of the PA-10. It all depends on the room, the speakers and of course how you like your music ultimately, but it’s a good feature to have.

Gold Note PA-10 @ Audio Therapy

When you add a second PA-10 into the mix and turn them into mono amps, the jump in performance is really quite something.  There is more control, grip and the presentation becomes more precise with improved dynamics. That of course is to take nothing away from using a single PA-10, you certainly don’t feel short-changed running with just one! But why have one when you can have two for twice for the price?! I would argue that running 2 PA-10 is more than twice as a good as single PA-10, especially so if you demanding loudspeakers.

If you already have a DS-10 and PA-10 but only have the space or budget for one more box it’s a tricky one, very much a case of trying both and see whether your prefer brains or brawn! There really is no right or wrong answer to which way is best, the speakers you are using will be a factor here for sure.

We’ve not been Gold Note dealers for very long, but so far it is going down very well indeed. It’s a brilliant brand with understated Italian design, excellent build but above all it plays music and doesn’t get in the way of the music either which is important!

Home demonstrations and home trials are no problem, please get in touch for more information

Gold Note DS-10 and PA-10 @ Audio Therapy

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