31st July 2017 · News

Musicworks makes the Music work!

The current flagship Musicworks mains block is now on demonstration and offers a genuinely superb way to upgrade and enhance your system, be it a 2 channel or multi-channel system.

Priced at £990 the ReFlex Ultra G3 offers 6 outlets. It doesn’t come with a cable to power the block itself, the 2 obvious choices to partner with it  are the ReVive Lite 2 (£400.00) or preferably the flagship ReVive IEC (£750).

People are often quite dismissive of mains and the benefits of looking after it. If you have a half decent system which you want to improve further it’s a great place to start, after all everything starts with electricity! Simply replace your standard mains block with one of these, leave the power cables alone (just use a free in the box IEC cable to power the block) sit back and listen.

If you value your systems ability to play music in a tuneful, coherent manner with improved timing and a vibrancy to the presentation that simply wasn’t there before. I’m fairly confident you’ll love what this block does. It really enables you to pick apart the recording you are listening to so you really hear the musicians doing their thing.

Next, try changing the cable that powers the block itself and you get more of the above, more intimacy, further improvements to timing and the flow of the music. Move onto the actual cables that power the components and well I’m sure you get the picture……..Musicworks also produce a power cable called the ReEntry 2 which is £179 and is works really well on more modestly priced components.

This is not a subtle upgrade in any way and I’ve done several demonstrations recently where ‘mains sceptics’ have been left dumbfounded and bewildered by the beguiling nature of these power blocks and cables.

Don’t just take my word for it of course, organise a demonstration today and find out for yourself what happens to your system when you integrate some Musicworks into it!

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