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  • Entry Level Avalon Speakers
  • Magical Performance
  • Compact Size
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The Idea is the first floorstanding speaker in the Avalon range. I’m not going to coin the term ‘entry level’ as that really doesn’t do them justice! The Idea is a fabulous speaker and is very easy to integrate into both modest and larger sized rooms.

The Idea never sacrifices or exaggerates immediacy and dynamism.  If you crave a transparent speaker that is utterly devoid of any aggression and fatigue and one that delivers an enormous and expansive holographic soundstage, built upon an incredible low frequency foundation that belies the modest cabinet size the Idea could be just the speaker for you!

The quiet black backgrounds & crisp articulation that distinguish and set the stage for every Avalon design lie at the foundation of this incredibly musical loudspeaker.

The one thing I adore about the Idea is the imaging; even in a small room they paint a huge picture and they are wonderfully holographic which draws really you in to the presentation, which is dynamic, articulate and completely uncoloured and natural. They are not a particularly difficult speaker to drive, although they do appreciate a decent amount of power and current delivery – the 300 watts of the Vitus RI-101 is a devastatingly good combination!

  "The Idea is one of the most room-friendly loudspeakers made in the high-end today"
                                                              Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ Magazine

Unlike some Avalon models, the Idea doesn’t need a huge room to work. They will integrate superbly well in a typically standard, modest sized UK living room. You don’t need to have masses of free space around them for them to work at their best, you can get them relatively close to a side or rear wall without too much difficulty. As with any speaker I’d avoid siting them in the corner of a room, otherwise bass response can become slow and a little heavy.

If you have a larger room, don’t worry, the Idea’s will still work brilliantly well, they have enough low end extension to play really well in a larger room if required.

The Avalon Idea is on demonstration now, and is available to hear in your own system with just a little bit of notice.  The Idea is a genuine high-end speaker, with performance unheard of at this price point and cabinet size!

Standard finishes are Cherry, Walnut and Curly Maple. Premium finishes includes Walnut Burl, Myrtle Burl and Bird’s Eye Maple – POA

Priced at £11500.00 per pair in standard finishes and £11700.00 with a tapped baseplate with threaded inserts for spikes or Stillpoints.

Additional information

Standard Finishes

Cherry, Walnut, Curly Maple

Premium Finishes

Walnut Burl, Maple Burl and Bird Eye Maple


1 Inch Proprietary Composite Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7 Inch Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers


88 dB


4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response

28Hz to 28kHz

Amplifier Power

50 to 300 watts (guide only)


35.5" H (90 cm) x 9" W (22 cm) x 10" D (25 cm)


27 Kg Each

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