Avalon Time (Legacy Model)

  • Truly World Class Design
  • Hugely Dynamic and Open
  • Brilliantly Holographic
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The Time is to date one of the very best loudspeakers which I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, if you want to be taken on a vast musical journey, look no further. Bass response is stunningly deep, fast and agile. Room set-up is absolutely critical with the Time to ensure the best possible results are being achieved. Once they are dialled in correctly you simply get lost in an expansive soundstage which is incredibly holographic and vividly lifelike.

The Time is a 3 way design and sports a 1 inch Diamond tweeter, a 3.5 inch concave ceramic midrange unit and a pair of 11 inch Kevlar bass drivers, reflex loaded to the traditional Avalon vent on the bottom of the speaker. Just a glance at the menacing drive units should give you a hint as to what’s to come from the Time!

Bass can be heavy and slow if the speaker is not set up properly and accurately but once this is done, the speaker opens up like no other with scarily expansive dynamics and transparency.  As the name of this speaker suggests the timing of the music is absolute first class.

Room friendly, easy to drive (relatively speaking!) and costing less money than some of the competition the Time is a magnificent speaker, this much performance for this sort of money has been impossible until now.

The Time is priced at £69800.00 a pair in the standard finishes of Cherry, Walnut and Curly Maple. Premium finishes are Walnut Burl, Myrtle Burl and Birds Eye Maple and are £76000.00 a pair.

Additional information

Standard Finishes

Cherry, Walnut, Curly Maple

Premium Finishes

Walnut Burl, Maple Burl and Bird Eye Maple


1” Concave Diamond neodymium tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Midrange
2 x 11” Kevlar composite Woofers


89 dB


4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response

20Hz to 50kHz

Amplifier Power

30 to 750 watts (guide only)


46” (117cm) H 12” (30cm) W 19” (48cm) D


75 Kg Each

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