Entreq Olympus Infinity Tungsten Ground Box


  • Replacement for the Olympus Infinity
  • Entreq best ‘compact’ ground box
  • Part Exchange Welcome


Entreq Olympus Infinity Tungsten Ground Box

The Olympus Infinity Tungsten Ground Box is a new box from Entreq launched in September 2021

This is a direct replacement for the original Olympus Infinity Ground Box and like the smaller Olympus Ten, the new Tungsten version is offering an uplift in every area, especially with weight and scale.

Although the Olympus Infinity Tungsten has 2 posts on the rear, it is a single zone of grounding, so it cannot be used for negative speaker output grounding. But there is no problem in connecting a DAC and a pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier to it.

In term of a single zone ground the Olympus Infinity Tungsten is the best box Entreq have ever launched. It’s ability to drop the noise floor and improve whatever is connected to it is quite special. The original box proved to be quite popular (relatively speaking of course!), but this new version beats it in every area.

Part exchange is welcome and a home demonstration is no problem either.


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