///Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box

Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box


  • Big Step Up Over Minimus & Silver Minimus
  • Home Demo Available
  • Part Exchange Available
  • Free UK P&P


The Entreq range of ground boxes are designed to remove noise and pollutants present in the signal path. By removing these unwanted pollutants we lower the noise floor and subsequently improve the performance of the connected product. This improves dynamics, detail retrieval whilst remaining natural and organic in presentation.

The Olympus Ten is the smallest ground box in the revered Olympus line.

Priced at £1100 the Olympus Ten is the same physical size as a Silver Minimus Infinity/Minimus Infinity, but has a greater ability to remove stray pollutants and noise from your system. I know many customers who simply haven’t got the space for a large ground box in their system, but they want something with genuine reference performance. The Olympus Ten is just that.

Connected to a good amplifier, DAC, phono stage or streamer the ability of the Olympus Ten to lower the noise floor is truly outstanding. It allows a system to breath, lifting a veil from what your hear. Dynamics increase as does clarity. You get more texture and subtle details in recordings you know intimately well jump out like before. It doesn’t matter how good someone’s system is, or what brand it is – there is noise in the signal path, by removing it (or at least reducing it) you simply get to hear more. I have not yet done a home demonstration of an Olympus Ten that hasn’t resulted in a delighted customer.

There are lots of Minimus and Silver Minimus customers out there – swapping out one of these boxes for an Olympus Ten is a bit of revelation, if you want to try an Olympus Ten in your system please get in touch, home demo’s are no problem! You can always part exchange your current ground box for an Olympus Ten as well.

The Olympus Ten has been used to great effect on many different systems and components, also if you own Entreq Interconnects or speaker cables and are grounding them on a Minimus or Silver Minimus an upgrade to an Olympus Ten is pretty significant as well.

Read more about the Olympus Ten on our blog page.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Ground Point



80mm x 170mm x 190mm

Free UK Shipping


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