Entreq Primer Pro RJ45 Ethernet Cable


  • Primer Pro RJ45 Cable with Infinity Technology
  • Ideal to Upgrade Streamed Music
  • Prices Includes Ground Box/Cable
  • 1.1 Metre Long
  • Free UK P&P


Primer Pro is the entry level range of cables from Entreq.

The Primer Pro RJ45 Ethernet cable is 1.1m long and is priced at £440.00 – that price includes a Primer Ground Cable and Primer Ground Box so you don’t need to add anything else to get up and running

Simply connect this between between 2 network devices and away you go!

What can it be used for? A whole variety of applications!

A typical home network for audio may have a Router, a Network Audio Player, a switch and possibly a NAS server.

In theory you could replace any of the basic cables which transmit audio with one of these, it depends on the application.

By default this cable comes with RJ45 plugs at both ends, but Entreq can make this cable terminated with RJ11 plugs (at one or both ends), so you can connect your router directly to the master socket with a better cable. If you use a CD quality streaming service such as Tidal or Qobuz doing this pays dividends, but as a starting point replace the cable that feeds from your router to your streamer/server.

Entreq cables are completely unshielded, the captive drain wire basically pulls away noise/interference/pollutants and drains into the connected ground box. Due the nature of networks/routers they are inherently noisy, routers/switches use very inexpensive power supplies to keep costs down, but they inject noise right back where it’s not wanted and this noise get moved around the network using the cables as transmitters essentially.

If you make a comparison between a basic ethernet cable or even a more expensive branded one, the differences are not subtle. In typical Entreq fashion it majors on producing a calm and refined presentation and the presence of the ground box help to drop the noise floor.

It genuinely offers tremendous value for money.

If you require longer than 1.1m please get in touch, every 0.55m increment adds £40.00 to the price

Additional information


1.1 Metre

Ground Box/Cable Included


Free UK Shipping


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