Entreq TenTen Ground Box


  • Ten Olympus Ten Tungstens in one box!
  • Brilliant performance and flexibility
  • Part Exchange welcome


Entreq TenTen Ground Box

The Olympus TenTen is a brand new ground box from Entreq, launched in September 2021.

The TenTen is comprised of ten of the new Olympus Ten Tungsten boxes in one large chassis, along with a Cleanus (mains cleaner) in one large, newly designed and constructed box. It is built using the same 3 constrained layer method as utilised in the Athena equipment stand.

The TenTen weighs in at 27Kg and comes supplied with castors to make it easier to move around. It is 36cm wide, 49cm deep and 26cm tall.

There are ten posts on the back, each post is an independent zone of grounding, so it can used to take care of grounding an entire system with ease. If you require a couple of zones to have extra capacity you can easily link them together using the supplied ‘T Link’ cables.

Comparing an original Olympus Ten to the new version is quite an upgrade, it delivers more weight and scale to system, whilst still possessing all of the abilities that made the original Ten so popular.

Here’s an example of how you could configure a TenTen in a typical system using all ten posts.

Post 1 – Negative Speaker Output Left

Post 2 – Negative Speaker Output Right

Post 3 – Spare Input on Amplifier or Pre-amp

Post 4 – DAC

Post 5 – Melco or Server

Post 6 – Entreq USB Interconnect

Post 7 – Entreq Analogue Interconnect Left Channel

Post 8 – Entreq Analogue Interconnect Right Channel

Post 9 – Router

Post 10 – Network Switch

On a smaller system or one without any Entreq signal cables on posts 6, 7 and 8 you could double up some of the posts if required to gain even more performance

As always with Entreq there is no right or wrong way to configure a box within a system, it hinges on the system and what the owner of the system wants to achieve!

A single Olympus Ten Tungsten Ground Box is £1400 and a Cleanus is £1300 so to buy all of the bits that comprise a TenTen separately would cost over £15,000 so it actually represents really good value for money (relatively speaking!).

For someone who may have a Silver Tellus, Poseidon and 2 or 3 small boxes scattered around the system the TenTen represents a great solution, exceptional performance whilst reducing your box count and with the potential to part exchange any existing ground boxes it will bring down the price to change well.

Available for home demonstration.


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