T+A PA 2500 R Integrated Amplifier


  • Flagship R Series Integrated Amplifier
  • 180 Watts Per Channel
  • Brilliant Performance
  • 7 Line Level Inputs
  • Available in black and silver
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The T+A PA 2500 R is the larger of the 2 integrated amplifiers from the R Series. The PA 2000 R is relatively compact in terms of height but the PA 2500 R is literally twice as tall giving it a much more serious visual appearance, it certainly looks like it means business when you see it. It offers much more power and current delivery compared to the PA 2000,

Both amplifiers share a lot of common circuitry and components between them and tonally when you listen to them both it is obvious they come from the same range of products, but the PA 2500 simply gives you a lot more of everything, more power and control, it will grip and control a more demanding loudspeaker.

All R-series pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers are constructed in accordance with the double-mono principle. This means that the left and right channels are completely isolated  from each other – even in mechanical terms – and use identical circuit boards, so that the sound quality of both channels is identical. The two separate amplifier circuit boards – with input section, volume control, high-voltage amplifier and current amplifier stage – are housed in the right-hand half of the case, where they are shielded from the mains power supply and the output section by the massive heat-sink.

The PA 2500 R has ample connectivity with 4 pairs of RCA line level inputs and 3 pairs of XLR inputs.

At £9000 the PA 2500 R is a serious proposition and it more than rises to the occasion in terms of delivering high performance, if you are looking for a serious integrated amplifier this should be a real contender!

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