13th December 2022 · Fyne Audio

Some Mighty Fyne News!

I posted something onto social media regarding this a couple of weeks ago, but I know that not all of my customers use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so I thought this post would serve as a useful heads up that Audio Therapy is now a Fyne Audio dealer! I’ve added them to my brand page which you can read about here

For those who don’t know Fyne Audio are a relatively new company, founded in 2017 by a number of the senior management team of Tannoy, who have extensive experience (over 200 years) in speaker design and acoustic engineering and that amount of experience in the industry is something that no amount of money can buy!

Fyne design and manufacture a comprehensive range of speakers, I’m am focussing on Fyne’s flagship range of speakers, the F1 Series, there are 4 models in the range currently, the F1-5, F1-8 which are 2 stand mount designs, there are also 2 large floorstanding models, the F1-10S and the flagship F1-12S. I currently have the F1-5 and F1-8 on permanent demonstration, although more will be following in due course and there will no doubt be the odd model from other ranges making an appearance at some point

The fit and finish of the F1 Series is really something to behold, they only come in one finish, which is a highly lacquered dark walnut. They are quite different and not everyone will like their looks, but no one can question the quality of the build and the finish, I personally think they look great!

Beauty is more than skin deep too! The performance from both the F1-5 and F1-8 is outstanding. Fyne have a number of patents which are employed within the F1 Series, such as the IsoFlare Drive Units the BassTrax Diffuser system there is a bit more detail of each of these technologies on the main brand page

I’m busy putting plenty of hours on both pairs of speakers at the moment to get them ready for some customer demonstrations, both models are sounding superb, but I must admit I am very taken with the F1-8, for the money (£7499 a pair) they are incredibly capable loudspeakers and in my demo room they have completely disappeared.

An extensive blog post on both models will follow in the New Year.

Fyne Audio F1 Series @ Audio Therapy

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