7th January 2022 · T+A

T+A joins Audio Therapy!

I’m delighted to announce that Audio Therapy is now a T+A dealer!

I’ve long been an admirer of T+A as a brand, they are stereotypically German, huge levels of R&D, amazing engineering/build quality and superb performance. All hand built in German, with many of the critical components coming from in-house as opposed to being outsourced from other companies, this puts T+A firmly in charge of quality control and it really shows.

For those who don’t know T+A stands for Theory + Application, they were founded in 1978 in a small town called Herford in the north-west of Germany.

They are essentially a team of scientists, pushing themselves to their limits to engineer equipment to the very highest of standards, every single circuit board is designed and manufactured in house, nothing is mass produced and when you see a T+A product in the flesh (and pick one up, especially the HV series) you will see the care and love that has gone into it.

With T+A “good enough” is never good enough! Things are manufactured with no compromise, when they first decided to launch the flagship HV series, it took them 3 years to get the first product to market.

T+A A200 @ Audio Therapy

They produce an extensive range, CD & SACD players, Integrated Amplifiers, DACs, Pre/Power Amplifiers, Streamers, Loudspeakers, Turntables the list goes on, they have most price points covered as well.

I’ll be initially focussing on 2 of their product ranges, the brand new Series 200 and the flagship HV Series.

Series 200 is a new addition to their range and comprises of 4 boxes, a Multi-Source Player, a DAC / Pre-Amp, a Power Amp and a Headphone Amp, Series 200 are relatively compact designs in 3/4 width case work which look stunning – they’d be equally at home in a conventional equipment stand or sitting on a sideboard.

T+A PA-3100 HV @ Audio Therapy

The  flagship HV series are a sight to behold, extreme performance and extreme engineering – the first HV components on demonstration will be the PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier and the MP 3100 HV Multi Source Player / DAC (including SACD playback)

Watch this space for more information, more detailed product pages will be appearing in due course!

T+A MP3100 HV @ Audio Therapy

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